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It’s all too familiaran extended week ahead and we’re unable to remove that severe headache or migraine. Headaches aren’t a joke and can strike from nowhere and cause so much pain it’s difficult to perform even the simplest routine activities.

Fortunately that Headache Halo is a great option. Headache Halo is a revolutionary accessory that can help us move just one step further towards relieving tension and pain by applying a cool , numbing compress on the parts of your neck and head which are in need of it the most.

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Headache disorders are among the most frequent neurological conditions which include headaches and migraines being the most common complaint in households with 1 out of 4. Headaches are not just painful, but it could be extremely debilitating, hindering you from doing the things you should do during the day, or hindering you from getting up in the first place.

was created and developed by Sherri Pulie, a migraine sufferer who often used plastic bags that were wet and filled with Iceto help her with headaches , Headache Halo was created out of the need to alleviate at the very least one of our outbursts.

Headache Halo Headache Halo is an extended version of the first device to relieve pain called it’s the Headache Hat — with the only difference being that it has two rows of frozen cubes (aka cooling delight) instead of three. This will make it simpler working and carry out your usual activities, while also offering relief from pain at the same at the same time.

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The ice packs that you wear are packed with water that is purified and are stitched in the style. They’re specifically designed to ease tension headaches and migraines while enjoying hand-free comfort.

The minimalist design lets the ice be placed comfortably on the discomfort points, without melting everywhere and creating an mess (or more importantly, spilling onto your phone or laptop while you’re working). With an adjustable stretch wrap that allows you to choose the quantity of pressure can be applied to your neck or head to provide ample cooling.

Check out this video to learn more about how the Headache Halo works:

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