Cervical disc replacement results for patients suffering from neck pain more severe than arm pain: Studied in Becker's Orthopedic & Spine

An article released in The Spine Journalconcluded that patient relief from neck pain was more than improvements in arm pain that results from the replacement of cervical discs.

The study was conducted by 11 medical professionals and examined the experiences of 125 patients who underwent an one or two-level cervical disc replacement. The patients also were followed up for six months following the procedure.

It was based on outcomes reported by patients and developed an index for neck pain which is an analog visual scale to measure arm and neck pain, an elongated physical health score, and an abridged mental health score to score the individual patient’s performance, and measure the overall level of success.

While patients suffering from neck pain experienced better outcomes in general following the surgery the arm and neck, both surgery patients saw significant improvement in their pain levels.