Do you suffer from neck technia? (Back pain isn’t that common) — The Times

Do you suffer from neck technia? (Back pain isn't that common) -- The Times

I shift my head towards my shoulder and I feel a satisfying crack. And then the opposite way, it’s as if someone is turning a rusty wheel. I stare at the mirror and see that my shoulders are tilted to the side. The osteopath informs me that I’m in my mid thirtys and I suffer from “tech neck”.

Back pain was a thing of the past, but it was a thing of 2020. In the post-Covid era, tech neck — which is the term for stiff necks brought on due to hunching over devices is increasing and so is the quantity of products promising to ease it. A quick Google search for “neck correction” will give you a plethora of results, from the foam device (PS19 at Amazon) and rods that slide down the spine (PS28) and necklaces that vibrate when you sit down.