Don’t cause pain to your neck – North Coast Courier

Don't cause pain to your neck - North Coast Courier

It is a frequent issue throughout the world, leading to significant pain, disability and economic costs to individuals, families as well as businesses and healthcare.

Research suggests that the most frequent factors that cause neck pain might be due to stress, genetics and sleep deprivation smoking, and a restless lifestyle. This is especially true for a greater prevalence in more prosperous and urban regions (I have yet to locate any research conducted on the necks of gorgeous women of our rural communities, who wear often 20 Liters of water on their heads , with no apparent neck discomfort! ).

In addition, prolonged periods of work on computers and whiplash or neck injuries that are traumatic are also risk factors. Sometimes, headaches can be caused by this.

In my experience, I’ve found that the main four causes of neck discomfort are emotional stress as well as long-term computer use. sleeping on pillows that aren’t firm enough to support necks and too much weight lifting in excess of an individual’s size and age.

If you’re experiencing an acute neck pain episode, I would suggest these steps:

  • Relaxed stretching and movement
  • Place heat bags over the area or warm showering
  • A gentle massage using a good oil
  • Therapy for Musculoskeletal disorders

Although neck pain isn’t typically a sign of a serious problem it could be an underlying condition that requires medical evaluation.

Consult your physician for neck pain that is connected with:

  • the flu or fever-like symptoms,
  • sudden severe pain,
  • neck stiffness,
  • Numbness or pain down the arm,
  • discomfort following an injury or fall
  • discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting.

If the symptoms you are experiencing aren’t mentioned here, but the issue persists, you should get it examined.

To prevent musculoskeletal-related neck pain I recommend:

1. A firm, comfortable pillow that is that is properly size. I completed my master’s study on neck pillows and observed how the best pillows for each person could ease neck pain for a long time and headaches caused by an earlier car crash.

2. Computer professionals require ergonomic workstations. Change positions or stretch out every 45 minutes, and remain conscious of your posture while you work.

3. Find ways to manage stress by living a balanced life, prayer, gratitude and positivity, exercise the sun, connection with others and the bond with others.

Dr Tracey Joelson is a chiropractor with over 21 years of experience at Eden Health in Salt Rock. She is the mother of four children. has a particular focus on health and wellness for families as well as children.

Contact: 073 907 1581

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