Fitness Guru: the most effective method to eliminate neck pain Idaho Mountain Express and Guide

Fitness Guru: the most effective method to eliminate neck pain Idaho Mountain Express and Guide

The ability to rotate your head or glance up, is something that you consider to be normal. However, as we age neck pain is quite common. Similar to the rest of the body, the bones in the neck alter when their surfaces become more rough, and discs that support the cervical spine shrink.

The neck could appear stiff and sore because of stiffness and arthritis. Facet joints runs along your back part of your cervical spine Each one is lined with cartilage , and surrounded by a capsule that is filled with synovial fluid. But as cartilage dries and wears away, there is less synovial fluid. This results in bone-on bone friction at your joint’s facets. Also discs which cushion the neck bones and head loose their elasticity and the ligaments, muscles, tendons and soft tissues become damaged.

The many muscles in the neck form an extremely mobile structure however, neck pain can limit functional motion. The neck pain that you experience is all too frequent because the neck muscles are extremely alert to the numerous pain receptors that are located in this region in the human body. Keep your neck in check by performing the five exercises below which you can do almost everywhere.

Child’s pose, with arms extended

As you kneel, stretch the hands of your palms as much from your body as you can. Gradually lift your head until you gaze upwards towards your hands. Keep it for 20 seconds, twice or three times. The neck is stretched by this exercise. extensors that are located in the back of the neck as well as the upper back semispinalis capsitis, semispinalis cervicalis, and the splenius capitis. The latter muscle functions as a glue which keeps the head in place in the neck. The name derives in the Latin words splenium, which means “plaster” and capsitis which means ” on the top of the head.”

Neck extensors stretch

This stretch can help release tension within your neck muscles. Put your fingers on the top of your head. Keep your elbows in place. Bring your shoulders back. Slowly lift your chin toward your chest and feel the stretch across the back of your neck as well as shoulders. Do this for about 15 seconds, then repeat the cycles every day.

Trapezius stretches

1.Using chairs Place your feet on a chair. Firmly hold the seat. Then slowly bend your neck to the side of your hands that are gripping the chair. Engage your traps at the lower and the rhomboids (middle back ) to help bring the shoulder into proper posture.

2. Standing, wrap the band over the shoulder, ensuring an elastic band. Then slowly flex your neck away from the shoulder band and hold for about 15 seconds, at least once every day, and preferably at least two times per day.

Begin by placing your two fingers horizontally across your jaw. Utilizing your hand to help you, rotate your head towards one side. Keep it for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise for 2 to 3 times. Repeat the stretch in in the reverse direction.

Connie Aronson is an ACSM Exercise Physiologist as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (TBMM-CES) www.conniearonson and Instagram @conniearon

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