How NU-Spine Can Help You Treat Your chronic neck and back pain It is New Jersey 101.5 FM

How NU-Spine Can Help You Treat Your chronic neck and back pain It is New Jersey 101.5 FM

If you are suffering from chronic back and neck pain then you’re aware of how devastation the effects are, particularly in relation to your everyday routines like waking up in the morning and heading to work.

Although you might get temporary comfort from rest or medications, persistent back neck and back pain can be constant and may be a sign of a major issue that requires immediate attention by a doctor.

This is where NU-Spine the state’s most minimally invasive spine surgery center, can assist. It is led by the world-renowned spine surgeon Dr. Branko Skovrlj, NU-Spine is equipped to perform the full range of spine surgeries that will aid you in getting back to pain-free living.

If you’re fed up with all the limitations you’re faced with as a sufferer of chronic back neck and shoulder discomfort, you must book an appointment at NU-Spine immediately to ensure you can see Dr. Branko can treat your problem using the most advanced minimally-invasive surgical techniques.

In contrast to open surgery, in which the surgeon creates an incision that is long down your spine NU-Spine’s scientifically-proven spinal procedures use small incisions that offer less post-operative discomfort, a lesser chance of infection, and a speedy recovery that means you can get back to your normal activities sooner.

Do not wait until chronic back neck and neck pain progresses to more problems. Call NU-Spine’s experts for advice. NU-Spine now.

With numerous convenient locations throughout New Jersey, NU-Spine spinal surgery can be found in everyone in the Garden State and beyond, so call them immediately at (732) 8203-6403 or visit their website at to book an appointment.