Air Medical Unit To Embed VR Therapy from XRHealth in Pilot Screening Process as solution to monitor and evaluate Neck injuries

BOSTON, Oct. 26, 2022/PRNewswire XRHealth is the entry point to the world of healthcare announced this morning that Israeli AirForce chooses XRHealth to assess pilots for neck injuries that could be a possibility. Its Air Medical Unit, one of the top authorities dealing with airborne injuries screening pilots prior to when they join the AirForce and continuously throughout their flight and recently began using this XRHealth AR/VR therapy device to monitor and evaluate neck injuries.

Neck pain is a common occurrence for pilots who fly F-16 aircrafts due to the fact that they have to control the plane vigorously. In addition, the positioning of the chair could make the pilot at risk of injuries and pilots must lean forward when flying, which puts a lot of strain on their necks. According to an article from Military Medicine, 85% of F/A 18 fighter pilots in Australia and the United States indicated that they had neck pain in active duty.

The XRHealth solution was granted patent rights on June 2021 to determine shoulder and neck protraction and retraction movements using AR/VR technology. XRHealth created the method of measuring that is based on AR/VR technology which was before a non-existent method of measuring. XRHealth can assess a pilot’s neck flexibility and transmit details to the physician in real-time, so that it is possible to detect injuries early and the condition can be monitored for a precise assessment of treatment improvement.

It is believed that the XRHealth company was created due to the fact that its Chief Executive Officer Eran Orr had been an air force fighter pilot AirForce and suffered an injury to his neck. The injury led him to develop the idea to develop therapeutic solutions that utilize AR/VR technology that is interactive, immersive and offers high-level outcomes that provide real-time information on the progress of patients.

“It has been a huge personal victory for me to employ this XRHealth technology to assess combat pilots’ neck injuries that are frequent in their field, ” says Eran Orr who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of XRHealth. “I created the company following having been the pilot who suffered those injuries. I am thrilled that I can prevent the injuries from happening or to catch them earlier for other pilots who are in the same position.”

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