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As an experienced fiber scientist and product analyst in the Good Housekeeping Institute, hundreds of bedding items have been spotted on my desk, some I like and some which I… do not. I’ve tried over 100 cushions in our Lab to determine the top pillows available So my initial impression of the bedding items is generally accurate however, there was that one. Pillow Cube.

When I first noticed this cube-shaped foam cushion I was thinking, “Who would ever like this?” Turns out, it was me as well as a number of other side sleeper GH test participants who had a go!

What’s what is Pillow Cube?

In contrast to traditional pillows with sides that are tapered, Pillow Cube pillows have 90-degree edges that are available in various heights to ensure the proper alignment of your neck when you sleep by your sides. It’s constructed of solid memory foam and certain models come with cooling covers. The company has introduced various pillow styles with different sizes, all designed with side sleepers in mind.

To determine the most appropriate size that is right for your body, the company suggests lying on your back in the bed and placing a pile of books on your ears. Add and remove different-sized book until the head is at a level to your shoulder. The stack’s height will determine the length that of the Pillow Cube you should order.

How did we test our Pillow Cube

In our Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab We put all kinds of pillows in the field. down, alternative down memory foam, latex cooling and much more for every sleeping position. We first look over the care labels to determine how easy it is to wash (PSA Some pillows aren’t machine washable! ) We then clean the entire pillow or cover 5 times to check if they’ll withstand washing. We also check the way they fit in the pillowcase. We also conduct tests for support and recovery which simulate the pressure of the head that lies on the pillow all night long The weight is placed in the cushion for a long time, and then we test the speed at which it recovers to its original shape when the weight is removed.

In addition to testing in-Lab We also let real consumers test them to get in-depth feedback about things like comfort, support temperature regulation, and much many more. Testers are assigned a pillow after an initial questionnaire to ensure they’re getting an appropriate match. Then, they’re given a few weeks to rest on it prior to giving open-ended and scored answers.

Pillow Cube

Slumber Side Ice Cube Pillow

Pillow Cube



We tested this Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow to the test in our Lab along with consumer test subjects.

It passed Lab tests, with the memory foam rapidly getting back its initial form as well as the covers showing no shrinkage. We did observe a little of loose threads and fuzziness on the cover after washing five times, which is why we suggest hand washing the cover to get the most effective outcomes. While the cover offers an icy-to-the-touch sensation that users reported maintained a steady temperatures, this cushion is made from solid memory foamthat is known for its ability to hold on to the heat.

Testers raved about the unmatched comfort and support they experienced by using this unique pillow. One person said that this pillow “perfectly keeps my head in place,” and another said it “decreased my discomfort.” A lot of people noted that it can take some time to adjust to, and it’s not suitable for people who switch sleeping positions throughout the night because it’s an asymmetrical side-sleeper pillow.

After reading the test subjects praises and seeing it pass Lab test results, I decided I needed to test it for myself. I was a little skeptical initially as it’s very rigid, but after couple of nights of sleep on it, I realized the excitement! It supported my head and was comfortable and kept my neck aligned, and I woke up the next morning with any discomfort. Because of its unique design it wasn’t a perfect fit inside a standard pillowcase, however, the company does sell pillows with specific cases to be used with Pillow Cube pillow. Its Pillow Cube definitely stood out in my bed, compared to other pillows, but I did find the comfort more than worth the small difference in size.

Based on its unique design and stunning lab and consumer results The Side Ice Cube Sleeper pillow was awarded the Good Housekeeping Bedding Award this year!

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The Bottom line Does it worth the Pillow Cube worth it?

There’s no magic pillow that is perfect for all This is why we have to test a wide range of pillows to help you select the perfect pillow for you. If you are a side sleeper who likes solid memory foam pillows, GH textiles pros recommend trying out the Pillow Cube. Make sure to follow the ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”41854f9e-dc37-47ea-b99a-078ba193b02a” data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id data-affiliate-network data-vars-ga-media-type data-affiliate=”true”>brand’s sizing guide to find the right height for you, as neck alignment makes all the difference. If you aren’t satisfied with the Pillow Cube you can return it to the manufacturer for refunds within 60 days from the date of purchase however you’ll have to pay the shipping cost.

Purchase this Sleeper Cube for your side. Sleeper Pro

Why should you trust Good Housekeeping?

Emma Seymour is the senior textiles analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She has tested rigorously hundreds of pillows within the Textiles Lab in the past two years. Additionally, she has co-ordinated sleep testing for pillows together with hundreds of reviewers from home. Emma holds an undergraduate degree in Science of Fiber Science at Cornell University and has been testing bedding for over three years with Good Housekeeping.

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