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Being a parent is an exciting and fun experience and is a great experience. In the course of pregnancy, there are a variety of bodily and hormonal changes that may cause back and hip pelvic, leg, neck or rib discomfort – whatever you want to call it. Physical therapists for pelvic health can aid in the treatment of these pains and discomforts by offering individualized treatment that improves the strength of muscles and mobility, body mechanics and breath patterns.

During pregnancy the pelvic health rehabilitation therapists are able to help with any issues that indicate urinary leakage urgency, or constipation. We also offer education on modifications to physical activity that will allow secure exercise progress to remain healthy throughout pregnancy and maximize your ability to prepare for postpartum baby health care.

Postpartum rehabilitation may be used to address the following issues:

  • Pain and muscle aches in the back and hips, legs or pelvis, rib or neck
  • Diastasis the rehabilitation of the recti (diastasis recti occurs the result of a decrease in support for abdominal muscles and tissues that are spreading away from one another)
  • Painful sex
  • Urinary leakage, urgency or
  • Constipation, for example or stool leakage, the feeling of rapid bowel movements or difficulty in emptying
  • Professionally-trained guidance for a the safe return to exercise or physical activity
  • Prolapse symptoms include the sensation of pressure, weight, or a feeling that something is sliding from the vagina