Shoppers are calling this $30 gadget a “Life Saver for Back & Neck Pain Relief SheKnows

Shoppers are calling this $30 gadget a "Life Saver for Back & Neck Pain Relief SheKnows

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Incessant back neck and back pain can be a real drag on your life and make the simplest tasks difficult to finish. The over-the-counter pain medication and creams can only take you only so far. It’s the time to pull into the more powerful ones. Amazon shoppers say the TENS 7000 muscle stimulator can deliver prescription-strength pain relief instantly — and all you have to do is turn it on.

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TENS 7000 delivers electric pulses to relieve muscle pain when you connect electrode pads to the troublesome region. The pulse’s intensity (or intensity level) can be adjusted, allowing you to create the perfect treatment. Everything you require to deal with your muscle pain is in the TENS hand kit. The complete kit is available for less than $32.

A TENS Muscle Stimulator 7000 To Help Back Pain The original price was $36.99

Image TENS 7000

Image TENS 7000

Based on a number of 57,000 five-star reviews, the TENS 7000 has been described as a “life saving device’ due to its instant relief and can be utilized for any type of muscle pain.

“I have suffered from an injured disk and sciatica pain for more than 30 many years.” an expert reviewer with five stars stated. “You can use it any time you are suffering from the shoulder, neck or knee, the lower back … It is an effective nerve blocker. It provides short-term pain relief with no drugs. Try this. You can attach it to your waistband and wear it anywhere.”

“This is a very powerful electrode machine,” another five-star reviewer wrote. “It has assisted me tremendously in the past from numerous injuries I’ve suffered specifically when it comes to back as well as neck discomfort I’ve experienced which I was unable to get relief from using more conventional techniques … In general I recommend this to anyone who has any muscular tension.”

Take a test run of the TENS 7000 system on yourself to discover what all the hype is all about and then get back to normal activities without discomfort.

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