The 6 best neck massagers for at-home pain relief Forbes

The 6 best neck massagers for at-home pain relief Forbes

Today, every person suffers from stiffness and pain in their shoulders and necks. A lot of us sit at the keyboard or mobile throughout the day and others are employed in jobs which require lifting your arms frequently, and the majority of us have long car rides. Going to the chiropractor or massage therapy therapist regularly to perform manual manipulations can assist in loosening things up, but neck pain, particularly from long sitting, can be most effective treated in the present as per Camilla Moore D.C., chiropractor and holistic musculoskeletal specialist located in Providence, RI. The best neck massagers as well as other massage tools can help you address neck tension on a regular (and cost-effective) basis that is more beneficial for your body over the long term, she suggests.

The anatomy of the neck and shoulders of your body is extremely complex and sensitive It is therefore essential to select a neck massager with different levels of intensity. This way it is possible to begin slowly and not over-work the neck muscles. We’ve put together the top neck massagers that meet various needs.

  • The Best Neck Massager All-Over: Mirakel Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager
  • Top Cordless Neck Massager: Etekcity Cordless Neck Massager with Heating
  • The Best Portable Neck Massager: Enowpo Handheld Percussion Massager
  • The best neck massager for athletes Hypervolt Go 2
  • The Best Neck Massager Manual: Thera Cane
  • Best Neck Massager for Driving: Papillon Back Massager Pillow

The Best Neck Massager Overall

A low-cost, powerful neck Massager With Controllable Pressure and Relief

The Best Neck Massager Cordless

A powerful neck massager you can move around with

Best Portable Neck Massager

A small but Mighty Handheld Massager That You Can Carry Anywhere

Best Neck Massager For Athletes

A Lightweight-But-Powerful Massage Gun For Post-Workout Relief

Best Manual Neck Massager

A low-tech and versatile massager that can be used for Manual Manipulation

Best Neck Massager for Driving

A powerful Pillow-like Massager that comes that comes with an Car Adaptor