The Amped Therapy in Ottawa Reveals Neck Whiplash …” Digital Journal

The Amped Therapy in Ottawa Reveals Neck Whiplash ..." Digital Journal

Gloucester ONTWhiplash is a condition that occurs when sudden modifications in automobile accidents, sports and falls or demanding exercises at work or in the gym cause your neck as well as the spine to move in ways that result in discomfort or injury. The condition that is not well understood typically is caused by discs, neck nerves, muscles, and tendons leading to emergencies that require immediate care. Emergency medical professionals and emergency responders typically manage whiplash with extreme care until they are able to confirm the condition, stabilize it, or treat it in order to prevent more physical injuries or permanent impairments. There are signs that are lightheadedness, discomfort in the neck, migraines, rigidity, blurred vision, and memory/concentration problems.

Patients might require physical therapy to assist them in recovering when they’ve suffered a recent injury or are experiencing common signs. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses physical techniques to alleviate pain and help restore mobility. Amped Physiotherapy uses a variety of manual therapies that are described in Physiotherapy to Treat Whiplash: A Patient’s Guide. Patients will be able to learn about the connection with physiotherapy as well as whiplash in relation to muscle mass, posture and possible injury defenses. Physical rehabilitation may also provide the opportunity for patients to talk about their injuries or other concerns with a physiotherapist who can recommend services or provides guidance.

The book offers a variety of exercises for physical rehabilitation that are unique to the needs of each patient so that they can recover from whiplash with the least amount of discomfort. When evaluating a patient for the first time, a physiotherapist needs to be aware of the severity of the injury, any other medical issues the patient suffers from as well as their lifestyle. Based on their findings they may utilize imaging tests such as MRIs or X-rays to decide the most effective course of action. Exercise and physical manipulation are included mentioned in the guide of Amped Physiotherapy to treating whiplash. A professional physiotherapist utilizes joint mobilization techniques and muscles relax techniques, stretching exercise along with soft tissue treatment.

Whiplash is often caused by poor posture. Physiotherapy in Ottawa examines the mobility of patients’ patterns to find the problem areas. The treatment for improving posture can consist of body alignment/mechanics, changes in lifestyle, as well as manipulative hands. Another method of treating whiplash that is described in the manual is custom orthotics. A physical therapist will recommend bracers and tools to limit motion, support neck and shoulder strain, and offer protection against further injury when performing every day routine activities. A physiotherapist could suggest using the cold or warm treatment to relieve neck tension and discomfort. Heating therapy increases blood circulation and reduces muscle tension and pain, while cold therapy lessens the pain and inflammation.

Amped Physiotherapy is aware of how stressful it can be for patients when they find themselves in a position where whiplash is holding them back from living their lives to the fullest. This is why they utilize a three-pronged approach which is focused on clients’ personal goals including exercise, movement or sustainable. In addition to whiplash treatment, professional physiotherapists also offer the following services: acupuncture, kinesiology and concussion rehab, exercises for therapeutic purposes pelvic health care therapy and strategies to prevent injuries in the future.

Go to their site for Physiotherapy to treat Whiplash A Guide for Clients or call 613-822-9000 for talk to the physical therapist. Amped Physiotherapy is located on the 2nd floor 2600 Leitrim Road, Gloucester, Ontario K1T3V3, CA.

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