The Groove pillow review: is it the most effective pillow to ease the neck … It’s called Evening Standard

The Groove pillow review: is it the most effective pillow to ease the neck ... It's called Evening Standard


The search for the ideal pillow has taken me all over across the globe, from the menus for pillows of luxurious hotels to testing out my pals’ sleep setups whenever I visit. I’ve spent many nights pounding pillows back to their proper positions but then waking with my head sunk against the bed and spent days wandering through the night, exhausted with a pain on my neck, and personality similar to that of that of a one of the grizzlies.

I’d argue that finding the bed that you’ve always wanted is more difficult even than finding an ideal pair of pants or stunning LBD. This is more intimate than duvets and is as positive to your mood as rays from sunshine. The hours you’ve wasted on a bad pillow will never be able to get back. If you’re a huge sleeper, like me, a top quality pillow is vital for your health, well-being and outlook. Then why is the best mattress so difficult?

Groove pillow. The recommended product by osteopaths and physiotherapists It’s made to ease neck pain caused by pillows. It has a distinctive design that isn’t likely to take home any beauty contests but it’s sculpted to help your neck and head as you go to tally. The product has received rave reviews and I’m glad to add mine to that list. The hunt is done. This is the ideal cushion.

Groove Pillow

It’s lower than the height I normally prefer However, the magic is inside the groove. which is a well-defined dip at the middle of your pillow. It supports the shoulder’s natural shape (known in the neck region) to ensure that your spine is straight regardless of regardless of whether you’re sleeping in a position on your back or on your side, two of the most commonly used positions for sleeping.

The groove isn’t a chances of it being flipped over to enjoy the coolness I find myself resting on this fact, which gave me pause, as the Groove is made of memory foam, a well-known thermally retentive material. But I’ve never woken up to in a sweaty mess due to the thermogenic inner layer that is able to handle changing temperatures while you sleep.

The charcoal and bamboo fibers that compose the pillow are also helpful in this regard. There’s no sweat, no fanciful smells, just a peaceful restful sleep.

The best part is the scuba fabric protector that you can put in the wash whenever you need to freshen it up. It’s soft, but not the only thing that’s soft. I will always put an extra pillow case over my pillows.

Groove Pillow


It’s a good thing that the Groove pillow has brought me the best night’s sleep I’ve had since a while and it has instantly been able to climb up the ranks in my sleep routine. The queen of the pillow is Beyonce and the rest are all backing vocalists. One thing I’d like to see was an ice layer and not just a temperature-regulating one, because this will aid in the summer months when the nights are hot and hot.

Do you need one? Yes. With a 100-day money back assurance if your sleep isn’t improved, there is nothing to lose, other than a good night’s rest.

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