The lingering neck and back pain Could be a symptom of This Condition . Health Digest

Degenerative disc disease usually affects the lower back which is known as the lumbar spine or the neck, also known as the cervical spine (via SpineHealth). The effects can cause long-term discomfort and occasionally flare-ups of pain that is more severe. Since certain nerves of the spine radiate out to various parts of the body suffering from degenerative disc disease may trigger painful shooting sensations within the legs or arms known as radiatcular pain. Alongside discomfort of the lower or neck back, WebMD says that other signs of degenerative disc disease are discomfort that may become more severe when you bend when sitting or standing, or when turning. There may be relief from pain while sitting or lying down also. In certain instances degenerative disc disease, it may cause sensations of numbness or burning sensation in the legs and arms (per Cleveland Clinic).

WebMD states that there are numerous possible solutions for degenerative disc diseases. The doctor may suggest an anti-inflammatory prescription over the counter, such as Ibuprofen. In certain instances an injection of steroid may help reduce inflammation and discomfort. As per the Cleveland Clinic, there is one form of therapy that makes use of electrical energy to burn sensory nerves, which block messages from pain going through to the brain. Alongside treatment with an expert however, there are certain home-care routines that include stretching, exercise and applying ice and heat to ease discomfort. If symptoms don’t improve, surgery might be required (per John Hopkins Medicine).