This tool with over 28,000 Positive Reviews is Only $17 Right Now , and has Customers who claim it has ‘cut their Neck Pain’ SheKnows

This tool with over 28,000 Positive Reviews is Only $17 Right Now , and has Customers who claim it has 'cut their Neck Pain' SheKnows

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We don’t know exactly when it began but we’re unable to perform anything without feeling some kind of pain or discomfort. It’s not life-threatening (most often) and we’ve come to terms with it. Pain in the neck, back pain, random leg painsYou name it and we’ve probably had it by noon. It’s exhausting and we try to do whatever we can to get an easy day.

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Thanks to Amazon We may have found a tool we can include in our toolbox (and it’s more than 50% off!)

Courtesy of LiBa


LiBa Neck, Back as well as the Foot Massager $17.59 initially $35.99 on Purchase now and sign up

The LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Massager

It is an ergonomically-designed pressure point massager tool which aids with pain relief. If it’s the case, it’s neck or fibromyalgia pain hundreds of clients have benefited from this hook cane device for alleviating tight or spasm-inducing trigger points.

You’re probably contemplating, “how does anyone use this?” Well, don’t be concerned, it’s a breeze. As you can see in the hooked cane , there are tiny balls placed that can be used in various locations to help different parts that make up your body. As per the company the product, you can apply pressure to the back of your back and leg using the one ball, and then make use of the two balls for your feet and neck. Be sure to rub it gently and take a look at videos on how to use it for your discomfort.

With over 3000 reviews, this device has earned a loyal following with thousands of buyers using it to ease their discomfort. One user claimed that it “cured” his “neck discomfort” and said, “I suffered from a sore neck for a couple of months… After that, I decided to give the product a shot and it’s completely revolutionized my life! The discomfort has gone and I can don’t awake with stiff neck. My friends and family suggested I try the chiropractor however my issue is stiff muscle… rather than stiff joints. I’m not even forced to go through it, but perhaps every week. Wow!”

Another customer said it’s “surprisingly efficient,” adding, “While the jury is yet to be decided on its efficacy for my scapula issue I was extremely pleased to find out the results of this “Self Massager’s” other exercises were amazing, bringing relief from stiffness and discomfort within the lower back and neck stiffness.”