TikTok & Customers Alike Are Commenting on This Pillow’s Reportedly Helping Their Back and Neck Pain SheKnows


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We are aware of Goldilocks”plight” as we grow. You don’t just need the ideal mattress, but also the right pillow. The one that is too hard, and the other too soft and your neck pain will be back in full force. Do you remember the days when you could lie on the floor and sleep after an evening out? Our backs wouldn’t. Therefore, to pamper our necks and ourselves it is essential to purchase the right pillow for our specific sleeping patterns. We may have found a pillow that will fit the requirements.

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The pillow isn’t just one of the top Amazon top seller, but it’s also one of the most popular Amazon find TikTok accounts recently featured the pillow. The account @mik.zenon has recently posted a video that showcases bedroom discoveries, including a low-cost as well as adjustable cushion that people are admiring.

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Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

It is a pillow that has a unique contour that lets the user lay in whatever position they like. It doesn’t matter if you’re a back or side sleeper, back sleeper this pillow’s ergonomic design provides pain relief with its caved-in design in the midsection, side flaps and foam padding across. However, being able to rest in any place isn’t all the reason why people are enthralled by this pillow that is affordable. A lot of customers have complained and posted reviews claiming it has alleviated back pain and neck discomfort. back tension, as well as migraines.

One of the most favourable reviews about the pillows came by a person who was suffering from migraines. She began by saying “I had a long time of suffering from migraines and neck pain due to my pillow compressing and putting my neck in a awkward position when I was sleeping.” The reviewer added “Since I’ve been using this product, my migraines have significantly decreased. It’s money well spent. I’d have liked to have bought it earlier.”

Another review said it “changed their lives” commenting, “I haven’t had a migraine for nearly 2 weeks… It’s been a relief. suffer from constant migraines due to problems with neck alignment. I’ve had less pain, and have had a better sleep each night. In addition, I’ve been sleeping more quickly. Magical.”