Manny Pacquiao ‘faked’ Floyd Mayweather injury, says doctor — World Boxing News

Manny Pacquiao 'faked' Floyd Mayweather injury, says doctor -- World Boxing News

The boxing icon Manny Pacquiao stands accused of faked his famous shoulder injury sustained by Floyd Mayweather in 2015.

The illness which was suffered by Pacquiao during a loss in 2015 to his nemesis in the sport of boxing Mayweather has been labeled fake by a doctor who treats athletes.

Pacquiao was cited with a shoulder injury after he lost a dull fight against Mayweather in the biggest and most lucrative fight in the history of boxing.

This Las Vegas extravaganza was then afterwards branded a waste money. A few fans even tried to bring a lawsuit over the $99.95 Pay-Per-View cost.

Doctor. Pietro Baio, who has worked with Phil Lo Greco, was present on the welterweight’s “Culinary Fighter the YouTube show.

WBN discovered an episode in which Baio was accused by the character ‘PacMan”‘ of making up the story.

Was Manny Pacquiao fake a shoulder injury in the fight with Floyd Mayweather?

He was laying out his reasons for his reasons the reason he did. Baio was confident that Pacquiao’s confession was the result of embarrassment over the way in which he conducted the Mayweather dominance.

“So we take a trip back to fights that took place between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and Pacquiao said he suffered from shoulder injuries,” said Baio.

“You look at the fight and also being a chiropractor and an physiologist, it’s hard to say BS on the fight.

“Simply due to the fact it was not an issue throughout the fight. There was no sign of him holding his shoulder. There was no sign of them rubbing him on the side.

“He was capable of holding his arm and throw punches. If the shoulder is injured, or if he suffers an injury to the rotator cuff it’s unlikely to be able to perform this.

Esther Lin

Pacquiao treatment

On Pacquiao showing images of his the treatment he received prior to his fight, Baio added:

“Once time, it is possible that you will see a video of anyone injecting you with any substance. It could be that he received an injection of cortisone prior to or after the injection to reduce inflammation.

“The most interesting thing for me is that, when you take a look into the battle, it appears that he always fighting in the same manner. The shoulder never was a problem until the moment the day he lost.

“In the world of boxing there is no way to know which is real and which are fake. I’m in this spot as an experienced professional. I’m going to claim that it was a fake.

“He lost. Floyd did what he wanted to do. I knew what Floyd would fight and Pacquiao was not ready for that.

“So going forward he had to come with an injury in order to explain the reason he didn’t perform at the level his Filipino supporters would have liked him to.

Both are now retired. Pacquiao has been linked with another fight against Mayweather on the circuit of exhibitions.

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