Pro dancer who

A professional dancer of the highest caliber who “danced through discomfort” in a dance performance with Samantha Mumba in Dubai following an injury to the shoulder and neck caused by a car accident was awarded damages of EUR23,500 against MIBI as well as an inexperienced motorist.

The judge James McCourt said dancer and dance instructor Tarik Shebani wasn’t a cheater and endured pain to keep his contracts that he had in relation to various show producers.

“He has not adequately stated the severity of his injuries in his testimony and has not exaggerated the severity of his hurts,” Judge McCourt said Monday in the Circuit Civil Court.

Shebani, (42) of The Warren, Malahide, Co Dublin, told his barrister Conor Kearney, who appeared alongside Gaffney Halligan Solicitors, that after a crash with the N7 at Citywest in November of 2018, he performed shows in December and January, despite pain in his shoulder and neck.

He admitted that he’d frequently been suffering from pain, however, he persevered, with difficulty, to keep his dancing commitments including going to Dubai to perform a show together with Samantha Mumba.

Mr Shebani stated that after the accident, he was suffering from constant pain that had been severe at times. He visited his chiropractor as well as physiotherapist. He was able to keep dancing with a few difficult dance movements.

Mr. Kearney stated that his client been to his GP Dr Niamh McGarry, Raheny Medical Centric Health in the month of May 2022. She said that he had reported no pain or discomfort, and that he had the full range of motion for his neck at the time. She also said that if he performed certain movements while dancing or during exercise, pain could become more severe.

The court heard that Shebani had was driving her mother’s BMW around 90 km per hour in the fastest section of the N7 when a vehicle, coming from the middle lane, collision with the back of his car. The driver who was involved was driving away after the collision.

Judge Mc Court stated that in a medical report it was recommended that the injuries he sustained should be cleared in two years from the date of the incident.

“If the plaintiff were malingerer, he would not be working for two years, but was able to work through his pain,” Judge McCourt said.