“Obviously due to the soreness, and the condition we’re at, it was decided to suspend him,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “I do not know the outcome of the MRI but hopefully it’s going to be shorter than the longer.”

Roberts stated that it was difficult to set an estimated timeframe on Kershaw who was in pain on Friday. However, the manager insisted that it would be “fair” to presume that the left-handed player is likely to be out for more than one month. Kershaw has been battling back injuries in five of his seven seasons. Each time, the upcoming Hall of Famer hasn’t missing less then three weeks.

The Dodgers called up right-handed pitcher Reyes Moronta to take Kershaw’s spot on the roster.

This calendar year Kershaw was absent for a few months due to the right SI joint inflammation. It occurred during an international flight. Roberts claimed that the back injury is not the same as the previous one.

“As I remember the prior injury appeared to be more right-sided, and I would guess that it was back to hip-related,” Roberts said. “This particular one’s more to the left. Also I believe that it’s back in the hip However, I haven’t yet been to the MRI. This is just my chat to Clayton.”

Kershaw suffered the injury while warming up prior to the fifth inning of Thursday. He reported feeling fine during his first 4 innings, but experienced a tightness in his body following his final warmup throw. He attempted to throw another throw to try to test the back but immediately walked to the Dodgers dugout. He left the game along with his trainer Thomas Albert.

Following the game, Kershaw was clearly dissatisfied. When he had his last back problem, he was hoping that this would be the final occasion he suffered from an injury during the season. In his prime, Kershaw has been one of the Dodgers most effective pitchers, putting up an impressive 2.64 ERA over 15 starts.

“He’s definitely angry,” Roberts said. “But there’s no way to fix it. My guess is that his sole focus is doing what we can to help him get back in the shortest time possible and fit.”

While Moronta has replaced Kershaw on the team, Roberts suggested that adding an reliever could be a temporary solution. If Kershaw’s place in the rotation is taken then the Dodgers are likely to switch to right-handed pitcher Ryan Pepiot, who has an 2.76 ERA in four starts this season.

The Dodgers haven’t made a make a deal for a starter pitcher prior to they reached the Trade Deadline on Tuesday. They showed a lot of curiosity in Marlins righthander Pablo Lopez. However, they decided to trade the righthander Mitch White — their top depth player.

Dustin May, who pitched four innings at Triple-A Oklahoma City during his rehab assignment on Wednesday, will require minimum one additional start in the minors — more like two before becoming eligible to start any start Kershaw could be unable to take.