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Stiff backs are now the norm. Our beds are sat on all day long and are in all sorts of positions, but particularly if we’re working at home. God knows how detrimental it can be for our body posture as well as our back! Don’t be surprised to wake up each day feeling like an elderly person, with your hands on your back as you try to shake off the stiffness that has accumulated on your back. It’s our lifestyle which has resulted in this. However, it is essential to take care not to ignore this issue and seek out quick solutions.

Mankirat Kaur, who works as a professional sports nutritionist, shared a workout routine via her Instagram handle. The routine, if done immediately after waking up, can help you get rid of the stiffness that has been affecting your back:

1. Relax your lower back

To do this exercise, you must kneel next to the bed. Then, bend your body to ensure your elbows are resting on the mattress. Make sure that your forehead is in contact with the mattress. Keep this position for about 60 seconds, until you can feel the stretching through the upper part of your back.

2. Spinal Twists

Lay down on your bed and extend your arms to the side. Bend your knees and then twist them from below your waist to your right , and finally left. Keep your upper body stays in the same posture. Repeat this 20 times to relieve any tension that is in the lower back.

3. Cat Cow

It is a well-known yoga routine called Marjaryasana as it is written in Sanskrit. This workout can help you when you are suffering from sore or stiff muscles. For this exercise, you must be on your feet and spread your weight evenly. Inhale as you gaze up , then drop your stomach down. Exhale when you look down and then arch your back. Repeat this 10 times However, be delicate when you move your body.

This exercise will help you remove stiff back.

4. Child’s Pose

This is a yoga posture called balasana, also known as the balasana. This pose aids in strength of your spine. Then push back from the kneeling position while you place your hips on your ankles. Flex your spine forward while keeping your arms straight in front of your body. Do this for at minimum 60 minutes.

Stretch your spine using the child’s posture! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Follow this step-by-step procedure every time you wake up painful back early in the day. “Remember to keep to your natural motion range and not overextended especially in the early morning. Speak to your doctor in case you are suffering from an ongoing pain or back injuries,” advises Mankirat.