When you feel pain, it’s because your five senses are transmitting the brain with a message and the brain interprets this as an imminent threat. In essence, the system that causes pain is an alarm similar to the alarm system in your car. Just like the automobile alarm, it is important that you shouldn’t allow it to go off for hours because it won’t just affect your body but also start to affect other people within your life. Doing your best without addressing the issue of pain only makes the situation more difficult.

Pro Tips: Pause and ask yourself if your alarm could be being set off due to something small (e.g. you accidentally hit on your keys) and you are able to take it off or is this something that you really must stop and address (e.g. a broken window)



Although medications can help ease the pain you feel, that’s all they’ll accomplish. They don’t tackle the root of the issue and can create an addiction cycle and endless refills on prescriptions that ultimately cost you money and your confidence.

Tip for the Week: Become an active participant in your recovery by giving yourself self-management tools you can employ throughout the day. Sometimes, breaking down difficult actions into smaller and chunks that can be managed is a great way to begin.


Anticipating Pain

Like thinking about an enjoyable memory can make you feel a sense of happiness,

The brain can also store memories of unpleasant experiences. The more often an activity causes suffering or negative experiences the more

Your body becomes more sensitive to the sensation. What happens when you suffer from chronic discomfort is that your body begins to anticipate this pain prior to even attempting to perform the task that previously caused pain. The mere thought of it can trigger the body to feel pain, and consequently you start to anticipate pain well before it happens, causing the experience to spiral into a manner that can appear out of control.

Tips for Success: Frame the story of your previous experience by stopping

Your negative thoughts and talk about how you’d have that particular activity go. Insist on describing it to make it more tangible for you (e.g. what was it like, what was it with you, and what did you do afterwards? Keep repeating these thoughts to yourself as often as you need to… at the end of the day thoughts are things.


WHICH USE the same procedure

Let’s look back, you suffer from back discomfort and you feel as if it won’t go away. Let’s consider your routine. If you’re constantly doing the same things and you are experiencing the same encounters, perhaps it’s time to explore something different. If you had the test and had to fill in the same questions every time, you shouldn’t expect a different result every time.

Tips for success: Diversify your activities Go out and try something different. In the worst case, you discover that the exercise didn’t benefit you. On the bright side, you’ve gained knowledge about. What you can do and take to help yourself.



Believe in the falsehood that you’ll be living with this back discomfort for the duration of your life, or exercise xyz throughout the rest of your life to avoid this discomfort. Your body is an organ system that is always recovering and reorganizing itself depending on the demands that you put on it. One thing that you need to acknowledge is your role for your healing.

Pro Tips: Pain is a common occurrence in life. There was pain in other areas of your body, and then it disappeared. The same thing will happen. Do not believe that there is nothing that is possible. Begin to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Consider what you would like to accomplish before coming up with the steps to get there. It’s a series consisting of small steps.



There is no need to do by yourself, and neither do you need to. There’s no reason to be ashamed of seeking assistance and ultimately, it will help you get rid of your back discomfort faster. Physical therapists are professionals specially trained to assist you in this particular problem. Making a connection with a PT who is specialized can frequently help you get in the right direction.

A Pro-Tip Visit a physical therapist who is specialized who treats one-on-one and is specialized in the treatment of the chronic lower back pain.

We’ve come to the end the list we’ve put together of top six mistakes that people make when suffering from chronic back discomfort and our top tips on how to fix these mistakes, which you can implement immediately. Keep in mind that this is only the top six – which means there’s more to learn and the chance that you’ve already committed them or are. If you adhere to the best practices, you’ll build solid foundations to reverse your back discomfort and improving the quality of your life.

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