Have you ever felt discomforts or aches in your lower back? If so, you’re not the only one! A low back discomfort is a frequent complaint, even within people in the Veteran population.

A key strategy for caring for lower back discomfort is to find ways to move your body, which can be difficult at times when you’re experiencing discomfort. Certain Veterans have experienced relief from lower back discomfort by utilizing different holistic and complementary health (CIH) methods like yoga, acupuncture, Tai Chi and massage therapy.

Another CIH technique and self-care method to treat low back pain is acupressure it is similar to acupuncture however instead of needles, pressure is applied using fingers, thumbs or other device to specific areas of the body. The acupressure points that are taught in the video above could be beneficial when back pain is getting worse. It is efficient in times where back pain is less of a nuisance however, it is still present. Applying acupressure regularly could result in greater outcomes. Do these points a few times per day if you feel your back is hurting. Check to see how you feel.

A basic routine could help you get rid of the issues

A simple acupressure practice can offer only sufficient pain relief to allow healing motion to take place that can allow you be more active. The acupressure could ease lower back tension and muscle pain which is often associated with the pain. Your hands will be more sensitive when you practice Acupressure, which allows you to observe as the tightness of your back muscles eases.

Are you interested in trying acupressure as self-care? Take a look at this self-care therapy session using acupressure for lower back discomfort, led by Licensed Acupuncturist Stephanie Gregory from the Portland VA Medical Center.

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