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If you’ve experienced any constant back pain , then you’re aware the extent to which it is debilitating be. It’s actually one of the main reasons for health that lead to being absent from work according to as the Mayo Clinic says. But, you don’t have be waiting until back pain becomes an issue to make a change. Experts suggest a simple method to stop this kind of pain. Doing this for just 15 minutes a day could change your life. Find out the most effective method to prevent chronic back discomfort, and learn how to spot indicators that suggest that you need medical attention.

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The most frequent reason for disability across the globe, back pain is an extremely common health issue. People suffering from back discomfort may feel pain burning, shooting or stabbing feeling that lasts for a long time, or it is triggered by motion.

“Back issues are among the most frequently reported complaints to their physicians,” say experts from the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University. “Nearly 65 million Americans are experiencing a recent episode of back discomfort. About 16 million adults, which is eight percent of the adult population–experience ongoing or constant back discomfort, and consequently are restricted in certain daily activities.” write Georgetown experts.

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Experts suggest a simple method to stop chronic back discomfort, and it only takes a few minutes each day to accomplish. “Movement is the best method to prevent back discomfort,” write experts from Harvard Health Publishing. “Regular exercise can help make the back stronger and less likely to suffer from the likelihood of experiencing pain in the future. Training should be focused on strengthening and increasing mobility, as being sure to maintain the balance of each side of your body because certain back pain may begin in the event that one part or body part is more powerful than the others.”

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While regular exercise and movement is among the most effective methods to avoid chronic back pain, it could be a cause of or worsening the severity of a back injury. It can happen when you strain the ligaments or muscles around the spine and herniate the spinal disc, or experience cartilage breakdown between joints of the spine and other joints, and many more.

It is important to keep track of the types of movements that tend to aggravate your back discomfort, so that you can discuss them with your physician or an physiotherapist. With the help of a professional you might be able to utilize targeted exercises to build your back muscles while remaining conscious of any injury that is currently occurring.


One of the good things for patients who suffer from back pain is that the majority times it will heal naturally within a few weeks. “As long as no ‘red flags’ exist, the patient should be encouraged to remain as active as possible, minimize bed rest, use ice or heat compresses, take anti-inflammatory or analgesic medications if desired, participate in home exercises, and return to work as soon as possible,” write experts from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

However there is a warning in it is important to note that the Mayo Clinic notes that there are certain situations that could need medical attention or at the very minimum a conversation with your physician. It is recommended to consult your doctor when you experience back discomfort continues to persist after more than a couple of weeks of self-care. It is severe, doesn’t improve after rest and causes numbness, weakness or tingling sensations in your legs, goes beyond the kneeor followed by an unproven loss of weight.