• Goldie Hawn has shared her top methods to exercise for better mental health.

  • The steps are easy and doable.

  • “We all recognize the physical benefits of exercising but it also has the potential to profoundly influence our mental health in an astonishing ways,” she wrote.

Goldie Hawn is here to remind you that working out doesn’t just keep you limber and looking great at 76, like it has for her—it’s also a crucial habit for maintaining good mental health. In a new Instagram video, the actress shared her favorite ways to get moving for what she called “MindUp Monday,” and fans loved the encouragement.

“Come along with Me!” she exclaims in the video, pointing to her own mini trampoline. Hawn advised bouncing on it for a short time and if you don’t own one, just jump around and back while raising your arms to stimulate the lymphatic system. “It helps your heart too It’s incredible!” she said.

Then she tried some arm curls using her own weights made of wine bottles. “If there’s no a weight you can just purchase two bottles of wine … it’s similar,” she laughed. It was then time for a walk around the neighborhood. “Walking is one of the best things you could undertake,” she said. (We’re likely to believe her!)

When she was done with her round-up, she laid herself down on an exercise mat. “Sit down on your mat, put your feet together and take a deep breath and then thank yourself for taking time for yourself to do this,” she said. “Relax the body, and enjoy an enjoyable day.”

In her caption for her post Hawn pointed out the value of exercising to improve mental well-being. “Research suggests that those who exercise regularly are healthier in emotional and mental well-being. Exercise can improve our mood, focus, and can also aid in achieving an optimistic outlook on the world,” she wrote. “The best part is that exercise doesn’t need to be exhausting or take long to help us feel happy.”

And she’s certainly not wrong. A 2021 report by the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation examined more than 1,000 research studies in the last 30 years, and found that 89% studies showed statistically significant positive correlation between exercise or physical activity in relation to mental well-being.

“We all know about the physical benefits of exercising, but it also impacts the mental state of our bodies in a remarkable way,” Hawn concluded.

Fans appreciated the reminder and extended congratulations to the mother of three and the grandmother of seven for continuing the effort. “Love this! When your body moves your brain is groveling ,” one person commented. “I enjoy this and am so grateful for you. You are amazing ,” another added. “Thank to you very much for all this. I’m now motivated to take action today! !” someone else wrote.

Hawn has been active in her advocacy for mental health after her fame-making at an early age affected her mental health, which eventually caused panic attacks and anxiety. The year 2003 was the time she established MindUp which is an organization which is based on research and education that assists children “manage anxiety, manage their emotions, and deal with the pressures that the 21st century brings with confidence and resilience. They also foster compassion,” per the official website. It is hoped that they are better prepared to face large changes, like the one Hawn was unable to handle.

We’re looking forward to additional”Mind Up” Mondays!