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Adults need 150-300 minutes of moderate exercise and 75-150 minutes of intense exercise every week, as per the World Health Organization. However, people who are above those levels have longer lives than people who don’t.
Researchers looked at more than 116,000 adult participants in a study that was published on today in American Heart Association journal Circulation. The participants self-reported their leisure and activity through questionnaires several times throughout 30 years. The researchers identified the connection between duration and intensity of exercise with mortality rates.
The most significant reduction in the rate of early death was seen in those who reported 150-300 minutes of intense physical activity or 300 – 600 minutes of moderate exercise -or a mix of both, said study co-author Dong Hoon Lee, a researcher in the department of nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
“It is also crucial to point out that we observed no negative association between individuals who have reported (more than 4 more than four) what is recommended as minimum levels of recreational moderate and vigorous exercise,” he added in an email.

Some examples of moderate activity are walking very fast and mowing the lawn, as well as playing tennis doubles while vigorous activities include activities like running, hiking as well as playing soccer as per The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
The findings of the study are in line with WHO’s current guidelines for physical activity however, it also calls for greater levels of activity to gain greater benefits of living longer, Lee said.

How can I add more movement?

You might be thinking “10 hours per week of moderate exercise seems like a lot. It’s not possible that I could manage that with my other obligations.”

It’s true that it can require some effort and focus. However, studies have also revealed the most effective ways to incorporate into workout routines so that they last.
A massive study that was published in December 2021 revealed that the most effective fitness plans include planning out your workout by requesting reminders, giving incentives, and preventing you from not doing more than one exercise in the same row.
“If individuals are looking to increase their physical activity or modify their habits for health There are low-cost behavior-based insights which can be integrated into programs to help succeed,” said the December study’s principal writer Katy Milkman, the James G. Dinan Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the author of “How to Make Change the Way You See It: The Science of getting from where you are to Where You Would Like to be.”
You don’t need to do it all at one time. Only 11 minutes of physical activity each day has a positive impact in the length of life in 2021, according to a study.

It’s possible to make it an exercise routine that includes a quick walk outside and on the treadmill. perform 4 sets of 3-minute bodyweight exercises, do yoga, or select three songs that you can dance to, suggested CNN fitness writer Dana Santas, a certified fitness specialist and coach of the mind in professional sports.