As a personal trainer as well as a weight-loss trainer, I’m always answering fitness and health-related queries from my clients via social media and the Start TODAY Group on Facebook. In this article I discuss some of the most frequent issues and obstacles that hold people up in their quest to create a healthy and fitness regimen.

I did not go to my gym -however, I moved throughout the day! Is that considered exercise?

As the temperatures rise my clients inquire whether playing volleyball outdoors at a barbecue, or mowing the lawn can count as exercising. This leads to a larger question that a lot of people ask: “If I move a often during the day can that count as my exercise?”

The answer may be.

Before we begin, let’s discuss what exercise is.

How do I define exercise?

The phrase “exercise” is any exercise that requires physical exertion in order to maintain or improve one’s fitness and health. It can also refer to the physical exercise that is done to focus on a particular ability or area of performance such as sports conditioning, that is geared towards the unique movement patterns of a sport (like sprinting or jumping).

Minimum 30 mins of moderate exercise is suggested every day However, this doesn’t mean it must be done in one session of exercise. It can be spread out over the course of the day.

Based on the American Heart Association, for exercising to be considered moderate intensity your heart rate needs to be between 50% and 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. You must feel as though your body is continuously being challenged throughout the duration of the exercise to considered to be exercise.

These guidelines can be used to determine if the activity that you engage in during the day is exercise or not.

What activities count as exercising?

Gardening and swimming a lap of the water, jogging around with your children or taking a relaxing stroll … although these activities are great for general well-being, they’re certainly not doing anything to increase the exercise quotas that’s intended aid in losing weight or count towards “moderate exercising.”

However, there are many common sports that can qualify as exercising. All of them can be performed with a degree of intensity or exertion that allows you to consider them part of your exercise.

Sports for recreation

Recreational sports , whether played in a team or play with your family and friends in your backyard are an exercise. However, the intensity at that you push yourself in the course of exercise determines the intensity of the exercise.

It is obvious that there needs to be a certain amount of intensity or difficulty in order for the exercise to qualify as to be a productive exercise. If you’re playing volleyball on the beach and simply watching the ball roll over the net, then you’re not moving. However, if you’re participating in a game that is competitive and you’re moving around in the sand or jumping in order to stop the ball you’re definitely doing moderate exercise. Similar to swimming just a few laps around the pool isn’t likely to give you the vital aerobic exercise, however, running a substantial amount of laps for a prolonged duration will.

Yes, you can engage in a game of basketball or volleyball with your family for thirty minutes with moderate level (think you’ve worked up a sweat, and are slightly breathless) It definitely is considered exercise.

Mowing the lawn

A lawn mower pushes an effort not just because you’re walking around the yard but you also need muscles to lift the mower’s weight and move it. It’s therefore easy to conclude that mowing your lawn can be compared to taking an exercise walk, however, only if you’re doing it at a faster pace! A brisk walk, which has the added benefit of resistance, will raise your heart rate going and count as the daily workout. (This can also be used for clearing snow in the cold winter months!)

Clearing the garage

If you’re pulling boxes from the garage or lifting tables, and pulling furniture out, you’re ready to check your workout off your list of tasks.

The force generated by lifting, lugging and pulling the weight of all those heavy objects is a type of weight-training and is counted as exercise. Be sure to use proper technique by dropping into a squat while lifting weights, this will ensure you’re not straining your back and will better concentrate your glutes and hamstrings.


Cleaning up the house is a type of exercise if you are active. Moving swiftly around the house, and engaging in various tasks like carrying dishes up the steps, squatting while you unload or load the dishes, or vacuuming are all exercises in strength and aerobics that can be considered exercise.

The final word: Prioritize your workouts and consider additional movements as frosting on the cake

I suggest that my clients keep their fitness routine and think about recreational sports as well as other sports-related activities to add a boost.

There will be occasions that you engage in demanding activities that count as your workout of the day. But most times doing chores or playing in the backyard will not raise your heart rate enough to be considered an effective workout.

Being active throughout the day offers numerous benefits — such as a greater calorie burning and a decrease in discomfort and aches which is why I advise people to exercise as much as they can! If you’re working towards toning or weight loss objectives, it’s essential to keep doing your specific exercise.

A few more questions addressed!