A mild winter has caused headaches in local skimobile groups BayToday.ca

The snow might have landed, However, the conditions to snowmobile in the region haven’t changed.

Nearly 1500 km of trails for snowmobiles have been opened across Ontario however none have been opened are in North Bay. North Bay area yet.

“It is fantastic to be able to see snow. We definitely need plenty of cold temperatures before we are able to get trails going,” said Shawn Flindall as the spokesperson on behalf of North Bay Snowmobile Club. North Bay Snowmobile Club.

This lack of cold has caused a lot of the region’s waters open, including rivers, swamps and the major lakes in the region .

“I refer to Nipissing remains open. Trout Lake is still open,” said Flindall.

“We are having some issues with waterways and swamps at the moment, so it’s nice to see snow, but we definitely face some issues regarding mild weather, and with rain predicted over the next few days, we’re being cautious when it comes to the opening of trails.”

You might have to look back to the year 2015’s Christmas to see such conditions for the last week of Christmas in the North Bay area.

“The recent years have had fantastic freeze-ups early freeze-ups, and there were no serious issues with ice in the lakes, but this year it’s even more unusual was unusual for Lake Nipissing still to have open spots at this time in December, which is a lot considering we’re almost into January, it is uncommon that Lake Nipissing remains open,” said Flindall.

“Trout Lake always takes a bit longer to freeze due to the fact that it is deeper. It takes a bit longer to cool enough. However, it isn’t atypical that these lakes won’t have been frozen as of yet.”

As long as conditions aren’t improved the local snowmobile club continues to stress being patient and cautious until trails in the region be opened officially and the snowmobile trails freeze.

“We are asking individuals to be smart and watch for the green lightto come on,” he added.

“Keep your eyes on your online maps and, if they are closed then don’t travel.”