The saying goes: “Avoid the Galleria at every opportunity.”

The Galleria this weekend and on Sunday, you can turn around and avoid the Galleria this weekend. Major closures of traffic for I-610 Loop I-610 Loop scheduled through the weekend will surely transform the already a rough slope into a full-on miserable.

TxDOT declared the closings Wednesday, as an continuing I-610 West Loop / I-69 Southwest Freeway interchange project. The northbound and southbound lanes of the I-69 Southwest Freeway along the I-610 Loop will be closed starting with eight p.m. Friday, and will remain shut until Monday morning at 5 a.m.

The cause of the closures could be due to bridge beams which the crews will be transferring into place to build the construction of the new I-610 bridge. Other ramp closures may also be in place as per TxDOT. The information on the available detours is available on the department’s website.

The closures on this weekend are part of several shutterings within the 610-Galleria universe during the past year, and have since changed. The southbound and northbound lanes of I-69 were also closed in a similar fashion in September last year as road workers ripped down sections of the former I-610 Southbound Mainlane Bridge. The bridge being constructed will be part of the two-year $259 million renovation of I-69’s southwest Houston interchange, which serves as an important, even traffic-stressed, route for motorists who are traversing the downtown region.

It is scheduledto be completed by 2024. The project also comes with an array of incentives to Williams Brothers Construction, the construction company Williams Brothers Construction, to finish its work earlier than originally planned (should they? ).

However, once again in the event that you are forced to travel through the Galleria area during the weekend do it with care and a level of patience that is typical for an old-fashioned Houston traffic error.