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Norton Healthcare raises awareness about migraines and headaches


LOUISVILLE (WAVE) – June is National Migraine and Headache Month.

Norton Healthcare wants to raise awareness about headaches, their causes and symptoms.

Kevin Maynard describes his headaches as “crippling”, “debilitating” and “debilitating”. He began experiencing them 15 years ago. They would appear, stay for 72-hours and then disappear for several months. They became a regular monthly problem.

After being misdiagnosed for years with migraines, he met Dr. Mandy Whitt at Norton Healthcare. She diagnosed Maynard immediately with cluster headaches.

The correct diagnosis led to the proper treatment which has resulted in him being headache-free since 18 months.

Maynard said, “She found something that helped with the pain until therapy was found to prevent them.” “It was life-changing, because they would ruin my entire life for those periods.”

Whitt said that cluster headaches were not common but extremely painful. She took his concerns very seriously.

She advised people to take note if their headaches were becoming unbearable.

“Their details will help me figure out their plan of treatment. Would oxygen help them?” “Are they usually out and about when having them?” she asked.

Maynard is headache-free now for more than one year. He said that he was able to pursue hobbies such as woodworking. He made a rocking pony for Dr. Whitt’s children as a way to say “thanks”.

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