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A study that was published in the online edition of Neurology The medical journal published by the American Academy of Neurology, has proven that people suffering of headaches that cluster headaches are more likely to be afflicted by heart diseases as well as a variety of other mental health issues.

What causes the causes of cluster headaches?

According to Mayoclinic the term “cluster headache” can strike quickly and without warning, but it is possible that you first experience headache-like nausea or aura. The most common signs and symptoms of headaches include severe pain that usually occurs within, behind or around one eye, however it can be felt in other areas of your head, face and neck.

The headaches may last between 15 minutes and three hours.

The study

The study included 3,240 patients who suffered from cluster headaches between the ages of 16 and 64 in Sweden which were compared with 16,200 individuals who were comparable in terms of age, sex and other aspects. The majority of the participants were males who had cluster headache. Researchers looked over the records of employees and disability benefits to figure out the number of days per year that people missed work due to illness or disability.

The results

A greater proportion of Cluster Headache patients suffered from multimorbidity or other illnesses (91.9 percent) as compared to the reference group (77.6 percent).

The prevalence of multimorbidity was higher for women Cluster Headache sufferers (96.4 percent as compared to. males 89.6 percent).

The study also demonstrated that patients with cluster headaches had a greater mean days of sickness absence as well as disability pensions compared to the references 63.15 against. 34.08 day. In addition, multimorbidity was associated with a higher average amount of days with disability pension in CH sufferers, 67.25, as compared to references, 40.69 days.

Researcher speaks

“Our findings show that those who suffer from cluster headaches not only face a higher risk of other diseases, but also those who have more than one illness also missed more than four days from work because of sickness or disabilities than those who only have cluster headaches. Also, these people have a greater probability of being absent for a prolonged period of work.” The study’s author is Caroline Ran, PhD, of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Increasing our knowledge about other disorders that affect those suffering from cluster headache and the way they affect their work performance is crucial,” added Ran. “This knowledge can assist us in making decisions about treatment, prevention and even prognoses.”

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