The TheraICE Rx Headache Relieving Hat is a

If you’re suffering from any kind of headache – migraines or cluster headaches or tension headaches, when one occurs, you require only one thing to get relief from the discomfort. The most popular TheraICE Rx headache relief hat is exactly what you need with its unique design that blends cooling therapy with gentle compression in the areas you require it the most. Right now, it’s priced at only $35.


To purchase: TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat 35$ (was 40$);

We’ll not be too proud to say that the product could appear to be a little snooty. However, it’s actually quite effective. TheraICE Rx headache relief hat actually uses two proven ways to relieve headaches such as cold therapy, which is also known clinically as cryotherapy–and blocking light to reduce the sensitivity that is often associated with migraines.

It’s as simple as that: You put this cap in your fridge or freezer. When a headache strikes, the high-quality gel capsules in the mask hold the temperature of cold to give you the full range of relief from a headache. The cap has enough coverage to cool almost every area of your head including your temples, your sinuses as well as to the back of your neck that’s where the majority of the studies suggest that cryotherapy has the greatest power to treat headaches (more about this later).

Finally, this hat for headaches can be easily worn over your eyes whenever you wish, since it’s made of soft, light-blocking materials to offer relief for headaches that cause the sensation of light.

The relief you get isn’t unexpected given that research has shown that cryotherapy is a great treatment for discomfort from all kinds of headaches. A study from 2019 of Neurology and Neuroscience Reports discovered the fact that after applying ice on their necks, the pain intensity due to tension-related headaches diminished and they experienced discomfort less often throughout the month. A study from 2021 of Turkish researchers revealed that, among patients with cardiac conditions, using both cold and warm therapy helped reduce the intensity of migraine headaches.

Edmund Messina, M.D. director of medicine at the Michigan Headache Clinic in East Lansing previously informed Health Healththat applying ice to the temples could assist in relieving the pulsating headaches because it targets the blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain’s lining and also lowers the temperature of the blood flowing through this region may help reduce some of the pain.

The reason this cap is better over others, as per its more than 7800 5-star reviews on Amazon is it has 360-degree relief, is comfortable and stays in place with no uncomfortable Velcro (so it’s possible to move about and lay down when wearing it). One reviewer who experiences migraines almost every day said, “I’m ready to buy one for every person I know suffering from migraines!”

The hat comes in one size that is perfect for all sizes and fits well, but not too tight with one reviewer describing it as “a cuddle for the head” and all agreeing that it’s the right amount of light pressure. One reviewer mentioned that his wife who has migraines is a fan of the “gentle tension on your eyes and face” that this cap gives.

The TheraICE Rx headache relief hat functions so well that one user who was suffering from day two of a migraine-related affliction stated that after only one minute wearing the cold cap “it helped me get rid of my pain killer Tylenol and pain spray could not do. It finally provided me with relief!”

One reviewer who’s suffered from migraines for more than 40 years stated that it’s a matter of putting the TheraICE Rx headache relief hat on the first day they awake with an attack in the morning, and after they’ve finished making coffee, they’re completely pain-free. “I have not taken any painkillers to treat the migraines after my son bought this product for myself,” they shared. A shopper who described it a “truly amazing”” said “this was the very first migraine-treatment device that has worked with me” which has been successful in “cut my medication prescription by 75 percent.”

Now you can get The TheraICE Rx head-stress relief cap available it’s just 35 dollars from you. A headache-suffering reviewer has put it: “Don’t waste your money for anything else. That’s all you need.

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