Triathlete, 23 years old, given terrible diagnosis following suffering from headaches Headaches – Manchester Evening News

Triathlete, 23 years old, given terrible diagnosis following suffering from headaches Headaches - Manchester Evening News

A healthy, active and athletic triathlete handed an extremely serious diagnosis after the athlete began suffering from painless headaches.

Kieran Shingler first noticed the headaches at Bonfire Night last year, the Liverpool Echo reports The 23-year-old native of Warrington tried Sudafed and paracetamol, but the symptoms persisted.

After a mere week and a half doctors advised him to go to A&E since the headaches have gotten more severe which made him feel exhausted and nauseated. He was tested and diagnosed with a high-grade cancerous brain tumor.

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Kieran has had four major surgery on his brain and a traumatic surgery at Christmas Day. He’s currently on the benefit of a break of four weeks. He will begin his second round of chemotherapy in the beginning of April. It will be in tablet form. He will be able to use at his own home.

The girlfriend of 9 years Abbie Henstock, who is 24, stated that Kieran was always an active young man and has played football for all the time she’s been around Kieran for. But, since the diagnosis, he’s not in a position to participate in the sports which he is passionate about.

She added: “In 2020 lockdown he was really into triathlons. He purchased his first road bike in the 2020 lockdown and the rest is history very well.

“Kieran has joined the triathlon group, TriCentral UK, at the beginning of 2022. He took part in numerous triathlons and even the 70.3 in Chester in the summer of last year. Since the diagnosis Kieran hasn’t been able swim, go for an exercise, or even ride his bicycle.

“This is clearly a source of frustration and devastating for him since it has led to the loss of a significant amount of his fitness, but changing that to an advantage, the strength gained from it has been extremely beneficial to his health as both nurses and doctors have repeatedly told us.

Kieran as well as Abbie

“Even following his brain surgery for the first time the patient would still want to go for a walk to a local cafe. While undergoing treatment, he was walking with me too. We were amazed by how much he wanted to be out even if it was walking around the block. All the while the patient was undergoing intensive treatment. He had also undergone four major brain operations.”

Abbie has described her friend as “gentle” and laidback” and also said that his family members are extremely happy for him.

She stated: “Kieran is the most kind person. He is relaxed and doesn’t worry about everything. He is always smiling at his lips and will do his best to please everyone.

“He loves being with his family, as we’re very close as a family. He is an avid supporter of Liverpool FC and enjoys the company of our family and friends whether it’s going on a camping trip, dinner out, or a trip for a workout.

Kieran participating at an event he calls triathalons

“We are so incredibly satisfied with him. There aren’t enough words to express it. Our worlds turned upside down, and it’s been the most difficult couple of months in our lives, but we must accept the situation and live each day in the way it is.

“Myself and his mom dad, sister, and her boyfriend, as along with his extended family and friends are there with him all the way.”

Abbie Kieran’s friends and family members are currently looking to raise money to help various brain tumour charities. They’ve set up an account on GoFundMe and are participating in various events to raise funds.

The 24-year-old told the BBC: “Before Kieran got diagnosed we didn’t know much about brain tumors. I’d seen the latest reports about Tom Parker from The Wanted but didn’t pay much attention to the funding because I thought that it was treated in the same way as breast cancer, etc.

Abbie, Kieran and his mom, Lisa after he finished his first six-week cycle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

“However we know now the extent of underfunding it. Every every year, in UK there are 2,374 teenagers aged between 16 and 24 have cancer diagnoses. In excess of PS700m is devoted to cancer research but only three percent of it is devoted to brain cancer.

“In the month of June, 110 membersof our family and friends will be taking part in the Warrington 5K, which is pretty dirty as part of the “Kieran’s Krew” and all the money we raise is going to Brain Cancer Research UK. We’re currently only PS8.5k.

“Myself Kieran’s sister, his mom, and his friend from his mum’s side will be taking a skydive to raise funds in support of Clatterbridge Cancer Care Centre. The money raised will go to the Young Adults’ ward, and the remaining 50% will go directly to the area that will need the most.

“Kieran’s triathlon club is participating in a 100 mile bicycle ride in April to raise money for Kieran. His former football team are going up Snowdon to raise funds to fund our GoFundMe page. A friend of his will be taking part in his his first ever triathlon on May. There’s too much happening that we’re overwhelmed and want to help everyone to get involved in raising money for brain Tumour charity.

“It’s Brain Tumour Awareness Month which is March. I consider is the ideal opportunity to tell our story. There was also a debate in the House of Commons on the March 9 concerning the funding of Brain Tumours.”

To donate to GoFundMe, click here Click here.

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