Weather conditions can create migraine headaches WTHR

People suffering from migraine sufferers are aware of a link between weather conditions and migraine-related pain.

INDIANAPOLIS If you’re an sufferer of migraines You may be aware that the discomfort is linked to the changing in the temperature.

You’re not alone.

Dawn Calvert suffers from migraines and is aware that any change in the weather can cause migraines.

“The primary weather-related triggers for this are the rainy weather however, especially stormy like thunderstorms are among them… whenever I gaze up into the sky, and notice the huge dark gray-blueish clouds, I think”Oh there we are.'”

“Some sufferers of migraine are so sensitive, they can tell the time when the weather is likely to shift a day or two ahead of when it happens,” said Dr. Karen Vogel, a neurologist.

Vogel stated that the weather is among the most significant reasons for migraines.

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“Probably more than two-thirds patients suffering from migraines will be aware that changes in weather conditions especially a drop in barometric pressure but also extreme heat , or extreme cold will cause migraines,” she said. “So what typically happens is that as the pressure in our barometric system is changed the pressure in our neck and head change. It needs to be in equilibrium with the changes in the atmospheric pressure.”

“I am noticing that even when I look at the clouds moving in, just when the rain begins and my head starts getting stressed,” Calvert said.

Vogel recommends keeping a daily diary.

“Please keep a journal and note down everything that has been happening to you during the time your headache started happening, and you will soon begin to notice the pattern,” she said.

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If you’re suffering from migraines and you are aware that it is caused by conditions, there are methods to stop the migraine or at least reduce the severity of it.

“For most people the over-the-counter medications are perfectly fine,” said Vogel. “Where it becomes problematic is when you’re taking a lot of it daily as it could result in adverse medical adverse effects. “There’s been quite a few modifications in the past few years. Recently, a brand new class of drugs have been introduced to the market. The calcitonin gene-related protein antibodies are efficient in treating migraines.”

“When I can see clouds coming in, I’ll go to take my medication because it’s going to be here soon. I’m sure of it” Calvert says. Calvert.

You can contact Dr. Vogel here.

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