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Ask the doctor about flu shots, vitamins B12 Scoliosis. WDU

Ask the doctor about flu shots, vitamins B12 Scoliosis. WDU

SOUTH BEND Ind. (WNDU) – – Dr. Bob Cassady from the South Bend Clinic joins us each Thursday on the 16 News Now at noon to answer any medical concerns you may have.

Answer # 1 (from Debra): “How long after getting COVID should one be waiting to get an influenza shot?”

DR. BOB: The health care community has plenty of experience in administering more than one vaccination at once.

If we offer vaccinations to babies usually, they get several shots that include vaccines against more than five distinct organisms.

The CDC guidelines recommend the administration of COVID vaccines regardless use of any other vaccinations. Therefore, the consensus is that you can receive flu vaccine as well as COVID vaccine in the same day.

Since COVID vaccines were created relatively recently, and there’s no quick and easy date when you have to take the COVID vaccine or the flu vaccination, it may be sensible to spread the vaccines out over a week or two.

If you suspect that you will not be able to follow up you might want to for you to call them that next day.

Question 2 (from Shauna): “My friend has started taking B12 vitamin supplements daily and has shed a significant amount of weight. Could this be a coincidence or can these pills help in losing weight? ?”

DR. BOB: Vitamin B12 is an extremely important vitamin for our well-being.

For those who eat an extensive diet that includes grains, fruits, and animal products, deficiencies are rare. I haven’t heard about Vitamin B12 supplementation for those who do not have B12 deficiency, which can cause weight loss.

It’s possible that if someone has a deficiency and they begin taking B12 that they’ll feel more comfortable, which can aid them in exercising and eating more in order to lose weight.

However, I wouldn’t typically recommend taking B12 for solely the aim of losing weight.

Answer 3. (from Erin): I have scoliosis . I also have the sciatic nerve in my right leg. Are they related? and is there something you can try to assist in reducing the discomfort?

DR. BOB Scoliosis refers to an unusual curvature in the side of the spine. It is commonplace and ranges in severity.

The majority of people suffer from minor curvature. However, some individuals may suffer from severe or moderate cases. Scoliosis may increase the chance of having chronic back pain , or other issues like sciatica.

Most people should treat this condition in the same way as in the case of not having the condition of scoliosis. The treatment for sciatica is generally the combination of physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications.

If someone was suffering from severe Scoliosis, it’s possible there are different options for surgery that could be considered for treating back discomfort.

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