Heather Rae Young Shares Update on 'Severe Sciatica' The Blast

There’s lots of things going on regarding Heather Rae Young’s pregnancy and the situation is somewhat uncomfortable for the expecting mother.

When she updated her fans on her progress with pregnancy through her Instagram video she went into detail on how she dealt in “severe sciatica,” which seems to have gotten more painful after more than two weeks of extreme endurance.

Heather Rae Young Can barely walk due to “Severe Sciatica”

Instagram Heather Rae El Moussa

The 35-year old, who posted “some updates on Monday” to her numerous followers, began with announcing that she was about to wear an “bunch of new clothes.” She said that the coming week will be full of business and office-related activities, which includes an extensive shooting in the movie “Selling Sunset.”

While finding clothing that was suitable for her was becoming more difficult but her stylists were always there to come through. In addition to her growing baby bump she spoke out about her problems she was having with her sciatic nerve and said:

“Update on my baby”: I’m suffering from this extreme sciatica. It’s more severe than ever today. It’s been around two and a quarter weeks and now, it’s almost unimaginable for me. .”

Heather who has received lots of advice from her fans, shared her strategies for dealing with the difficult situation. She revealed, “I’m going to be looking into a physical therapist as well as the acupuncture method following to see if anything helps me feel better. It’s getting so bad, I’m unable to walk. I’m hobbling about.”

It’s not the first time that the “Selling Sunset” actress will open up about her struggle with sciatica like she did in Instagram prior to her first anniversary of marriage with her beloved Tarek El Moussa.

The Blast revealed that she has also changed her name for good and reverted to her husband’s surname on all of her social media accounts. Alongside a cute image of the couple, casually dressed in neutral outfits, Heather detailed what she had been doing and included an “little pregnant update” for her Instagram.

With a slight lean towards Tarek in the photo she wore black dungarees and white sleeves and a white vest, matching her outfit with an elegant Dior leather saddle bag. The blonde-haired beauty dressed in delicate jewelry, such as the gold-colored earrings, a gold-and-silver watch, as well as her wedding and engagement rings proudly in her hand as she slung it the bag.

However, Tarek was wearing a black round neck shirt and gray pants, as well as the black wristwatch, the matching bracelets and a silver necklace. “Currently,” Heather began in her description, “balancing 10 flips, doing two shows, growing as to be a person there’s more and on, but taking pleasure in every moment from it.”

She also wrote about the progress of her pregnancy and revealed that her baby had been in an awkward position which impacted the sciatic nerve. The blog post was written the tenth day since the discomfort began, but she was hoping to feel better soon.

“The bizarre part is,” the pregnant star said, “I sat on my mom’s sciatic nerve to the point that she was unable to stand straight. Maybe it’s just a tiny amount of revenge.”


In her final post, she urged people to take a look at her new name, which she explained was just right in time for the first anniversary of her wedding. Likely, the post received more than a hundred thousand views and many of the fans shared useful advice to help her with sciatic nerve problems, such as Acupuncture.

The “Flipping El Moussas’ Star Wants to be present and intentional About Motherhood

“Severe sciatica” cannot stop Heather from glistening with joy over the joy of pregnancy. She enjoys every moment she is expecting her first child. She has also got some ideas about how she’ll prepare for motherhood.

Heather posted what she was thinking on Instagram she declared her intention to take a deliberate approach. Alongside a lengthy post about her motherhood style and her motherhood philosophy, she posted two gorgeous photos of herself in an espresso-colored suit that included an overcoat, and partially zip-up pants.

The look offered viewers a glimpse of her beautiful baby bump, while the waistcoat was tucked halfway, while she also teased an image of her cleavage. The caption reads: “The California native said she was enjoying having a baby despite being busy working.

She also spoke about her plans to be a mother “with an intention that is meaningful instead of simply doing”the routines.” Heather would like to be that kind of mother who is employed and has a successful career but is “present and involved, supportive and supporting” in hopes of becoming her son’s role models someday.