Mike Tyson looks in good spirits while dining with a female pal after the shocking Sciatica battle Daily Mail

Mike Tyson, 56, is in good spirits at dinner with his female pal after revealing a secret Sciatica battles that make him ineligible to walk or talk.

Mike Tyson looked happy and well-nourished as he headed to dinner with his female friend at a restaurant in New York on Monday.

Former boxer aged 56 has recently admitted that he is suffering of an nerve condition Sciatica that has often caused him to be in wheelchairs and at its most severe, he is unable to speak at all.’

However, Iron Mike looked in good well-being and in good spirits during the trip as he smiled broad at people passing by.

Good mood: Mike Tyson, 56 was happy and relaxed at a meal with a female companion on the streets of New York on Monday after having revealed his Sciatica battle, which sometimes leaves him disabled from walking or talking.

The athlete chose casual clothing with a blue and white striped T-shirt with jeans and an ash leather jacket, and fresh white box trainers.

His female counterpart looked chic with the black flared top, which she paired with a stripe longline cardigan.

Tyson caused a stir among fans in the last month after photos of the star in assistance with a wheelchair at the airport, while holding his walking stick.

Happy and content: Iron Mike looked in good health and in good spirits at the time of the outing. the crowd swarmed him with smiles

The pain of Tyson was the subject of concern for fans when images of the actor requiring assistance in a wheelchair at the airport, while carrying the handle of a walking stick


Sciatica is the condition where the sciatic nerve that is located through to your lower back to your feet is compressed or inflamed. The condition usually improves within 4 to 6 weeks however, it can last for longer.

If you suffer from sciatica the doctor could recommend stretching and exercises or prescribe painkillers

They may also recommend you to: physical therapy – which can include exercises and methods like massage (manual therapy) as well as psychological support to help you manage the pain.

If the pain you’re experiencing is intense and the treatments of your GP aren’t working they might recommend you to a specialist in the hospital for painkilling injections . This is an operation to block certain nerves within your back to stop them from transmitting pain signals.

You may also require surgery . A procedure known as decompression surgery could aid in relieving sciatica


But Tyson attempted to dispel concerns about his health in his interview on Newsmax TV.

“I suffer from sciatica at times and it gets worse. When it gets worse I am unable to even speak! It’s a blessing that this is my only health issue that I’m dealing with. I’m fine now”, he added.

“Everybody in my home is truly blessed , and we’re all extremely thankful for what is in our possession.’

The disease affects nerve endothelium throughout the body, and is causing Tyson appears to be struggling from complications linked to the condition of his back.

A low-key style: The sportsman chose casual clothing and paired a blue-striped T-shirt with jeans with the navy leather jacket, with box-fresh, white trainers

Iron Mike, as he was popularly known was forced to pull out of the arena in 2005 due to back issues.

There have been long-standing concerns about Tyson’s health, with the American who is known to have lived his life to the fullest throughout his life span of 56 years.

The drug-related problems, coupled with his unending determination to win in the ring, where he was able to take on some of the best heavyweights of the past has left many worried for the health of the boxing legend.

Mike himself admitted via his personal Hotboxin’ podcast that he didn’t believe he was much time left.

“We’re all going to pass away one day, sure. When I look into the mirror I can see those tiny marks on my face” he added.

‘I say, “Wow. This means that the expiration time is getting close and it’s going to be very soon.”‘

Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve that is located between the lower back to your feet is inflamed or compressed. The condition usually improves in about 4 to 6 weeks, however, it can last for longer.

Fashionable: The female counterpart was fashionable with the black crop top with flared trousers , which she paired with a longline cardigan that was striped