Mike Tyson on why he utilized a wheelchair: He suffers from Sciatica, the nerve disorder This is the Indian Express

After being seen for months in the Miami International airport sitting in the wheelchair with the stick of a walker, Mike Tyson, the former world heavyweight champion has admitted to suffering from Sciatica which is a condition that impacts the nerves which causes discomfort within the lower back as well as the leg. Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion who was seen cheering on Serena Williams in the US Open in recent times, has spoken about his illness in recent weeks and revealed the fact that the nerve condition renders him difficult to speak at times.

“I suffer from sciatica occasionally and it gets worse. If it’s flared up I’m unable to talk. I am thankful that this is my only health issue I’m suffering from. I am splendid now. Everyone in my home is blessed, and we’re all thankful for everything that we’ve got, Tyson told Newsmax TV earlier in the month.

It was Tyson in a chair and the aid of a walking stick on his lap at Miami international Airport this month and raised concerns about his health. Although Tyson was at his first US Open matches, the former boxer also attended a marketing event to promote his cannabis products Tyson 2.0 located in New Jersey where he promoted the legalized bitten-ear-shaped edibles, based on the widely discussed and debated incident in which he bit the ears of Evander Holyfield in a World Boxing Rematch in 1997.

Mike Tyson during weigh ins for a heavyweight boxing exhibition fight on the streets of Los Angeles. Mandatory credit: Lynn Millspaugh/Handout photo through USA TODAY Sports

The former heavyweight talked about his former buddy and friend sportsman Arturo Gatti, who got addicted to drugs because of an injury. He later took his own life at 37 years old in 2009. Tyson has been promoting cannabis use that is legal to be used within California, the US State of California. “Cannabis as well as other plant-based medicines have helped me reach the point of being the person I want to be. It all boils down to your thoughts as well as your brain. Your head and your mind could be the most destructive neighborhood in the world. I’m sure I’m way overrated. Nobody deserves this kind of admiration. It’s about being able to use your self-esteem. It is essential to maintain good relations with your self-image. It can motivate you to accomplish amazing things when used properly,” Tyson told the New York Post last week.

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The 57-year-old also spoke about his views on money and other issues in a conversation featuring rapper Fat Joe and radio host Angie Martinez on his podcast Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. In the hour-long and 21 minutes long video the former heavyweight boxer is shown cleaning his face using towels several times. In shorts and a shirt Tyson was also promoting products for trimming in the course of the program.

“Money does not provide a perception of security. If you have more cash accumulate the less you believe you’ll end up dying. You don’t think that anyone could take your life. You’re not sure you’ll get killed in a crash. It makes you think you’re doing a good job if you have a large sum of money. I’d say If you believe that having lots of money can make you feel good, you’ll never have much cash,” he would tell his guest Fat Joe on being asked about the importance to his money.

The conversation was about overdoses and drugs as Fat Joe talked about his brother who went blind because of overdose from drugs, Tyson was also present. Tyson was raised living in Bronx located in New York and has known Fat Joe since long shared his opinions on the use of drugs as a lifestyle decision.


Mike Tyson attends a celebrity golf event on the golf course in Dana Point, Calif. (Photo by Willy S. Sanjuan/Invision/AP File)

“I do not believe in that. I’m not a believer of this. I am a believer in anyone, they decide on their destiny. I don’t think they’re vulnerable or any other way. I believe they are very selfish. They would like to remain in the perpetual state of the slavery. It’s perpetual. The first time they get hit within a couple of weeks and then they’re unable to escape. The process of getting out requires a strong individual to accomplish. It’s all about my self-esteem. It’s possible that I’m Iron Mike. I’d look in the mirror and say I’m gorgeous and exercising. I wanted to live my life free from the addiction. I wasn’t doing it all on my own. My family members helped me, and the journey was rough,” Tyson said in the podcast.

Former heavyweight champ was seen smoking cigarettes in the course of the show, but he took the cigarette off as he responded to an interview question about what guests take away from his experience. “You are aware of what do you learn from me is a lot. Learn from the adversity. Adversity makes weak vulnerable and the powerful, tough. My head never was bleeding but I never bowing. I kept fighting. I will never surrender. It’s not me. It’s simply not”

The conversation was centered around boxing and Tyson’s early years the former heavyweight champion was able to recall the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Tyson discussed the ways boxers combat dementia as well as other mental and physical issues mostly arising during the later years of boxers.


“He was old I think he was around. I can remember him shaking and shake, but not as a normal person but a small shake. He was just getting older in his life. There are boxers who die, and they are struck with the same kind of force. Then there are those that can be beaten for hours, and then quit. They’ll have no dementia, nothing, and lead a healthy, happy life. It is possible that their hands hurt, their ribs may get hurt. They look amazing that you’d never believe that he was a fighter. Ali was very articulate. It was simply luck of the draw.” Tyson would say.

Tyson who was one of the youngest Heavyweight Champions in 1987, at 20 years of age Tyson won 50 times in his career , with 44 of them that were knockout. Tyson, who was champion in 1987, owns a 420-acre marijuana resort located in Southern California, last fought in an exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr last year. In the podcast last month, following his appearance in Miami Airport, Tyson had declared, “We’re all going to die someday and of course. And then, I glance in the mirror, and see those tiny marks on my face and I think, ‘Wow!. The expiration time is getting close. It’s going to be a while.'”

On the podcast last week, Tyson sounded philosophical midway on the show. “Being physically killed is being killed psychologically. You die one time, you die a billion times if you smoke, if you are not a good person,” Tyson said.