Real Madrid fell to their first loss on Tuesday night in a game at RB Leipzig, as they were unable to score at least one more goal, for the first time in this season.

It was Thibaut Courtois’s second match back after his sciatica injury, and the Belgian was not the most pleased with his team’s defense in Germany.

“Today we’ve not been very good and I’m sure we’ve not had a lot of things right, and a lot of determination”.

“We went to bed, with no rage and without apprehension”.

Mundo Deportivo carried the interview together with Movistar+ after the match and Courtois continued to tirade, blaming his team for their lack of determination.

“If you’re tired and exhausted it means they aren’t able to be more generous, however as a goalie I’ve noticed that we’ve lost lots of duel matches and it’s not going to be. It’s unlikely that they get two goals from two corners, and that’s something we should work on. The coach had warned us, and I was scared of it that we wouldn’t be playing We’ve lost duels and that’s because of the lack of energy”.

The most fascinating thing is the fact that Carlo Ancelotti contradicted his goalkeeper during the press conference he held for himself. He informed the media that everyone had the right to make their own decision However, the goalkeeper did not show any lack of vigor or attitude.

In recent times, Courtois has become an increasingly prominent figure within the public realm in Madrid. His comments following his participation in the Champions League final, about not being treated with respect and at a number of other times since, have given Courtois the image of one of the more controversial aspects of the Real Madrid dressing room.