A father suffering from intense back pain was diagnosed with an extremely life-threatening condition that could change his life forever.

Keith Bailey, from Litherland was diagnosed with one of the more agressive types of motor neurone disorder (MND) amyotrophic lateral syndrome (ALS). The father-of-one complained of extreme back discomfort, believing that he was suffering from sciatica prior to several months of tests showed the disease that was debilitating last year.

Keith’s nephew Lee Bailey, from Crosby Lee Bailey, who is from Crosby, told the BBC: “He complained of back pain and believed he was suffering from sciatica. He was tested for a variety of things including the lumbar puncture, finally, a diagnosis was confirmed in the month of September or October last year.

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“We’re trying to make every effort possible to ensure his life is as relaxed as it is. He’s still in his 40s but that’s quite a bizarre time being diagnosed with MND. It’s normal to be in your 20s or 30s, or in your 60s or 50s, so it’s a bit bizarre.”

Lee an analyst for pensions disclosed that his uncle was having issues with his legs being forced to quit his job. Lee added: “He worked for a delivery company that traveled all over the country.

“He’s losing sensation in his legs, and it’s likely to worsen. He’s on one crutch currently. They don’t know the length he’s got.

“Worst scenario that he can have until the end of this year. The best case is if there are 2 or 3 years. It’s all dependent on the course of development.”

Keith Bailey thought he was suffering from sciatica before being told that he had an aggressive type of MND

Lee and other members of the Darby family, are currently raising funds to support and for Keith as well as Lee’s Stephen Darby Foundation which helps with research and funding for the condition. The group is running half marathons either one of the Liverpool Half Marathon or the Heaton Park Half Marathon, both of which will take place in March.

The funds raised for Keith will go towards an extended family vacation with his daughter Charlotte 23 and his two grandchildren along with his grandparents. The GoFundMe page reads: “We aim to raise funds to support Keith as well as his entire family, so Keith can take the time with his family prior to his departure in our lives and so that we ensure that we make Keith feel as at ease as we can in the period he is leaving.

“We will also donate some of the funds donated for the Stephen Darby Foundation which was created in the name of former Liverpool, Bradford City and Bolton Wanderers footballer Stephen Darby as well as his an old friend, as well as British Forces Veteran Chris Rimmer.

“Stephen and Chris both suffer from motor neurone diseases and have established a foundation to raise awareness about MND that will fund and aid in research into the disease with the aim of finding a cure MND, to raise money and offer grants to people suffering from MND as well as the creation of a network to with information and provide emotional support to patients diagnosed with MND.”

For more information or to donate Click here.

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