This is a movable Aeyla Dual Pillow that can alleviate neck pain, can be purchased for 25% less Daily Mail

This is a movable Aeyla Dual Pillow that can alleviate neck pain, can be purchased for 25% less Daily Mail

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Aeyla the Dual Pillow

So, say goodbye to neckaches in the morning by using The Dual Pillow from Aeyla. The pillow is approved by osteopaths, and it’s adjustable and has a removable inner pillow, making it a perfect to be used in any sleeping position.

One customer even said it had cured their ‘cranky neck’ noting that neck discomfort upon waking has almost disappeared’ following the use of The Dual Pillow.

PS51.75 (save PS17.25) Store

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This is a savings of more than PS17 on an osteopath approved cushion that helps neck alignment for a comfortable night’s rest.

To all those who sleep: A removable pillow offers plenty of support for all sleeping positions.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, the pillow in the middle is removable to alter the firmness and height to your preferences, with the soft outer pillow will ease your shoulder and neck pain.

Many customers wrote glowing reviews stating that the pillow is “perfect” and a great purchase if you have neck discomfort.

One customer even said it had cured their neck pain, saying that the neck discomfort upon waking has almost disappeared’ after using The Dual Pillow.

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“Great pillow for neck pains It’s a great pillow for neck pain! A second shopper also said. “The most comfortable pillows I’ve ever used. I suffer from severe neck pain, and I often switch position throughout the night which is why this pillow was wonderful.

“No more pain in my neck after I get up. They’ve been around for over one year, and they’ve not changed shape!

Another raved: “We’re extremely pleased with the new pillow we received. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t get flat, but it’s not too firm.

“The first night it took a while to adjust to, as I had gotten familiar with a mattress that sinks fast; however I’m now getting the most restful sleep and cannot imagine sleeping that isn’t.’

Relaxedly cradling and supporting your head, neck and shoulders as you lay down, your removable pillow offers ample support for all sleeping positions.

The cover is filled with an alternative down premium micofibre fill, the cover is constructed using 100 cottons per cover that will keep you cool and comfortable.

You deserve an improved night’s rest and buy The Aeyla Dual Pillow today for just 25 per cent discount using the coupon code SAVE25 at the time of checkout.


LIIT vs. HIIT What’s best for your weight loss journey Health shots


Read this article

An exercise program might not be regular. It will vary from person to person due to the age, flexibility capacity, stamina as well as health aspects. The fitness industry is buzzing about HIIT and LIIT regimens Are you wondering which one is better for you when your focus is on losing weight? Let’s discover which is the best exercise for weight loss among the two.

Health Shots have been in contact with Gaurav Pawar, K11 certified personal trainer, to help us understand the differences between LIIT and HIIT. LIIT.

Information about HiIT facts

It is defined as the term “High Intensity Interval Training”. It is a more intense workout for shorter periods of time.

In HIIT it is the practice of pushing oneself to complete the set in shorter time intervals. In simple words, these workouts consist of short bursts that are intensive exercises that are followed by time for recovery. The premise of HIIT is to exert maximum effort at the peak of your performance and then stop to rest, then another exercise based on the goals. This type of exercise increases the heart rate and forces the body to use up off calories.

Engage in a high-intensity interval training. Caption: Shutterstock

Benefits of HiIT

* Burns more calories in a brief period of time

* Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels

* Improves oxygen intake

* Facilitates proper digestion

Everything you need to know about LIIT

LIIT stands for Low Intensity Interval Training , also called Low Intensity Steady-State. It’s done over a longer period of time at a steady rate.

LITT is a kind of cardio exercise in which you maintain the same low-intensity speed for a specified amount of duration. This duration is contingent on the time frame one chooses for themselves, which ranges from between 30 and an hour.

The aim of this type of exercise is to do it with a steady speed to maintain fitness during the time specified for the exercise.

Benefits of LIIT

* Aids in increasing mobility

* Increase strength

* Improves cardiovascular endurance

* A gentler exercise for joints

Take a look at this LIIT exercise routine that you can do in your period.

LIIT vs HIIT: Which is an exercise that will help you lose weight?

Many struggle to lose weight and keeping the deficit. Because of this, many people embark on fitness and diet fads, trying unsuccessful methods to lose weight. Setting a specific target in terms of losing weight or reducing belly fat is an incentive, however the idea of focusing your entire fitness regimen just to focus focused on losing weight is the wrong approach.

In order to address your question about what is the best option to lose weight, Pawar explains, “Instead of focusing solely on losing weight the focus should be on fat loss to the body. To lose fat both LIIT and HIIT can be effective in their individual methods.”

HiIT and LIIT exercises are great for building muscle endurance. To build muscle, hypertrophy and strength , you should be focusing on weight training under the guidance by a certified fitness professional.

In a nutshell, you can include different types of exercise into their routine and reap the benefits of them.

Eat healthily, be healthy and healthy! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

In addition to the exercise component the main thing to do is concentrate on the diet aspect.

Nutrition plays an important aspect in fat loss as well as muscle retention. Every kind of exercise will help you lose weight however, in the long-term strategy of sustaining fitness and good health nutrition plays an essential part. You must maintain an energy deficit to shed weight and maintain a healthy intake of all macronutrients. Protein intake that is sufficient along with the ability to sustain a consistent, sustainable fitness program is the best path to achieving your goals!

Case 25-2022: A woman aged 25 with Headache and blurred Vision | NEJM

Case 25-2022: A woman aged 25 with Headache and blurred Vision | NEJM


Richard C. Cabot, the founder, Eric S. Rosenberg, M.D., Editor, David M. Dudzinski, M.D., Associate Editor, Meridale V. Baggett, M.D., Associate Editor, Kathy M. Tran, M.D., Associate Editor, Dennis C. Sgroi, M.D., Associate Editor Jo-Anne O. Shepard M.D., Associate Editor, Emily K. McDonald Production Editor Tara Corpuz, Production Editor

The best exercises for Sciatica Pain Health Digest

The best exercises for Sciatica Pain Health Digest

If gentle twists, folds and seated postures are difficult it is possible to walk instead. Walking can increase circulation in the body. This can increase the strength of your nerves in the words of Rahul Shah, an orthopedic spine surgeon for Spine Universe. He suggests starting with shorter walks in order to increase strength and prevent over-exerting the tender regions. Shah states that walking can improve or worsen sciatic pain. It is therefore essential to be aware of your limits and pay attention to your body. It’s not uncommon to require a break after walking a couple of blocks because for many people with sciatica the legs can become heavy, according to Shah.

Walking regularly can, however, benefit those suffering from sciatica since it releases endorphins that can ease the pain and inflammation (via the spine). To avoid poor posture that can cause symptoms to worsen make shorter strides to stop the pressure on the spine. This will make your pace slow and help prevent injuries. Engage your core muscles to assist your spine. Core support involves standing up (no slumping) and gently drawing your stomach towards the spine. The rhythmic breathing can help increase the efficacy.

A good posture won’t help to prevent back discomfort, and having a bad posture isn’t the cause of it. the Conversation Indonesia (


In fact, back discomfort is the main reason for disability in the world. Many people suffer from some form of back pain at some point in their lives. It usually begins in adolescence and increases in frequency for adulthood.

For the majority of those who suffer from back pain, it could be chronic, debilitating and stressful. It may affect someone’s ability to perform the daily activities of living or physical activity as well as work. For instance, sitting or standing, bending, and lifting can often cause back discomfort.

There is a widespread belief the idea that “good” position is crucial to safeguard the spine from injury, in addition to preventing and manage back discomfort. A good posture is typically described to mean sitting “upright” or standing “tall and straight” and lifting using a an squat method and “straight back”.

In contrast, “slump” sitting, “slouch” standing, and lifting using the “round back” or stooped postures are usually averted. This is a view that is widely accepted by both those suffering from and not suffering from back discomfort and also by clinicians in primary care and occupational health environments.

Surprisingly, there’s an absence of evidence for an established relationship to “good” position and back discomfort. What we think of as “good” posture stem from a mix of social desire and unsubstantiated assumptions.

Systematic reviews (studies that examine a variety of studies in a particular subject) have revealed that ergonomic measures for workers, as well as advice to manual workers on the ideal posture for lifting and bending, do not reduce the incidence of back discomfort.

Learn more: Ouch! The medication doesn’t work for back pain Here’s what you can do.

Standing and sitting posture

Our team has conducted a number of studies to study the connection to spine positions in relation to back pain. We looked into the possibility that “slump” sitting, or “non-neutral” standing positions (overarching or slumping the back for instance) among an extensive sample of teenagers, were associated to, or predicted to cause future back pain. We found no evidence to support this idea.

These results are consistent with systematic reviews that have revealed no statistically significant variations in standing or sitting posture of adults suffering from and without back pain.

There are a variety of spine positions but no one position can protect a person from back discomfort. Individuals who have both upright and slumped postures may be afflicted with back discomfort.

We all are surrounded by posters of this type in our workplaces. But these guidelines do not have any evidence-based basis. Shutterstock

Position for lifting

Internationally accepted occupational health practices concerning “good” as well as safe back postures for lifting do not have evidence. Our systematic review revealed no evidence that lifting in a round back posture is related to or predictors to back pain.

A recent study in the lab found that people who did not suffer from back discomfort, who had been working in manual jobs for longer than five years are most likely to be lifting when they had the more upright, round-back posture.

For comparison the manual workers suffering from back discomfort were more likely to use more of a squat raise with a more straight back.

In other words, those suffering from back discomfort tend to adhere to “good” posture guidelines however, those who don’t lift in a “good” method don’t experience more back discomfort.

In a study of a limited size, when people suffering from disabling back discomfort improved they became less cautious and generally disengaged from “good” posture recommendations.

If posture is not the issue, what else?

There is no proof for the existence of a single “good way of sitting” to reduce or prevent back discomfort. The spines of people come in different sizes and shapes and postures are highly dependent on each individual. Moving is essential to back well-being, and the ability to change and adopt various postures that feel comfortable will likely be more useful than adhering rigidly to a particular “good” posture.

Although back discomfort can become very intense and a source of distress, for the majority of people (90 percent) back pain is not caused by a specific tissue injury or disease. Back pain could be similar to an injury that is caused by unnatural unexpected, heavy, or unaccustomed weights on our back However, it could be accompanied by a severe headache, even if there isn’t an injury.

There is at present no evidence to support one ‘good posture’ to protect against injury or pain. Shutterstock

In addition, individuals are more susceptible to back discomfort when their health is in decline for example, those who are:

The likelihood of back pain to persist if the person:

Find out more Take a break from the paracetamol. It’s an experiment to treat lower back pain.

What can people do to ease back discomfort?

In a smaller group (1-5 percent), back pain can be caused by pathology such as malignancy, fractures and infection. It can also be caused by nerve compression (the latter can be associated with leg pain and decrease in muscle strength and feeling). If you experience back pain, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Most people (90 90%), back pain is caused by sensitisation of back tissues, yet there is no obvious damage to tissues.

In this scenario it is important to remember that focusing too much on keeping “good” posture could be distracting from other aspects which are essential to spine health.

They include:

  • Relaxing and moving your back

  • participating in regular physical exercise of your choice

  • building confidence and staying in shape and healthy for everyday work

  • maintaining healthy sleeping habits and maintaining a healthy weight

  • looking after your general mental and physical health.

Sometimes, it is necessary to provide support and guidance from a skilled practitioner.

When you’re either standing or sitting, try to find the most comfortable and relaxed positions and then change the positions. If you’re lifting it, current research suggests that it is safe to lift naturally , even with an arc back. Make sure you’re healthy and fit enough for the job, and take ensure your health is in good order.

The 8 best pillows for Neck Pain of 2022Mindbodygreen – Medically reviewed


by mindbodygreen

This pillow provides all the soft, yet responsive comfort you’d expect from memory foam, plus an additional cushion of cool gel in the form of a pillow to reduce night sweats. (Traditional memory foams can hold heat and become hot.) The medium-firm texture is suitable for all sleeping postures, providing the perfect degree of cervical support to reduce discomfort. Although it’s on the expensive side, the majority of customers have considered the pillow an investment worth it and have earned the equivalent of 4.3 stars from over 3000 reviews on Amazon.

A thing to be aware of concerning Tempur-Pedic pillows is they can be quite heavy, and they aren’t so easy to carry around. For those who want more softer feel, they might not be the ideal choice. Although Tempur-Pedic provides a five-year, warranty with a limited guarantee, they don’t allow returns. So you’ll like to test this product out before placing an order.

Why exercising is essential to manage diabetes – Firstpost


The physical activity of a person is an essential aspect of diabetes care, as is strengthening exercises are a must.

Representational image. News18

The benefits of exercising can’t be overstated , especially for people with diabetes as it can help control blood pressure, aids in the increase in healthy HDL cholesterol, decrease dangerous LDL cholesterol, and also triglycerides. decrease anxiety, build bones and muscles, and enhance your overall health and well-being.

For the best physical and mental health, specialists suggest minimum 150 mins each week of vigorous activities like lap swimming, fast walking and bicycling. A minimum of 60 mins of moderate or vigorous activity per daily is suggested for children.

Experts recommend that those suffering from diabetes must adhere to the correct treatment, develop an exercise routine regularly and eat the right balance in their diet. Physical activity is a crucial aspect of diabetes treatment and exercise. It assists in the building of muscles, and it also reduces the chance of having a low blood sugar levels for people who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. Here are a few reasons why exercise is an important aspect of managing diabetes:

  1. Utilizing extra glucose One of the major benefits associated with exercising is the ability to reduce blood sugar. Exercise increases the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream into organs and muscles. This is among the reasons experts recommend that those who have elevated glucose levels in their blood should exercise after eating.
  2. Improves the quality of your vascular Health: When we exercise muscles, our muscles release various compounds which aid in the improvement of circulatory and vascular health. This means that more nutrients and oxygen requirements are met. This reduces the chance of diabetic-related neuropathy as well as loss of vision and other ailments. The improved blood flow aids to maintain joint health.
  3. Lowers the risk of developing heart diseases: People with diabetes should exercise at least two hours each week since it decreases the chance of heart attacks, and those who exercise for three or four hours per week lower the risk further.
  4. Reduces inflammation Inflammation of the body is thought to be a significant factor in the development in Type 2 Diabetes. But regular exercise can reduce inflammation levels that are chronically high in order to minimize its negative impact.
  5. Improves the performance of the nerves Based on a recent study women and men reduced neuropathy and diabetes-related pain after only 10 weeks of exercising. Researchers found that nerve condition and functioning improved. This has an enormous influence on organ health, as well as protection from infection and injury.

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The weather headache you are experiencing is real six other headaches women suffer the most Global News

The weather headache you are experiencing is real six other headaches women suffer the most Global News

It’s true that weather-related headaches are more frequent than you’d imagine and migraines being experienced by women three times more frequently than males. The positive side? There are ways to take a proactive approach to avoid the possibility of future headaches -and even in the event that there’s no way to stop it, there are several options to manage the symptoms.

We shouldn’t discuss the physical pain that comes from headaches without considering possible connections to mental health. So we’ve sought out the expertise of a doctor from Vancouver and bestselling writer Dr. Jacqueline Fowler, as along with Vancouver-based therapist and mental health specialist Alyson Jones for us to explore the root causes of seasonal-related headaches as well as other kinds that are typically experienced by women.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be an alternative to the professional guidance of your doctor. Always seek advice from a medical professional that is tailored to your needs and your particular situation.

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Weather-related headaches

According to the Mayo Clinic, some people have a greater sensitivity to seasonal changes in weather and are more likely to suffer headaches due to this. People with this condition are more likely to battle high temperatures or bright light and barometric pressure fluctuations among other reasons.

Due to the fluctuation in weather conditions, people who have this increased sensitivity might suffer from imbalances in brain chemicals like serotonin. This could lead to the onset of migraines.

What can you do? Alyson Jones, and Dr. Jacqueline Fowler suggest the following:

  • Find a peaceful spot with dim lighting
  • Limit the stimuli around you
  • Make use of a cool, damp cloth or an ice pack to your face or on the back part of your neck
  • Rub the area gently where you feel pain.

Atmospheric headaches

Environmental factors may be a factor when it is related to headaches.

“If we notice changes in our pressure in response to weather it is possible to experience sinus issues. This can lead to inflammation and congestion, which can cause headaches,” says Fowler.

Fowler adds that “These pressure fluctuations can boost blood flow to our head, and also widen the blood vessels. This sends messages to the cerebrovascular system, causing discomfort. Similar to altitude fluctuations such as those experienced those when flying is another cause of headaches.”

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Hormone-related headaches

Hormone levels are often mentioned as a significant cause of headaches for women. As Fowler says, “estrogen is an essential hormone that regulates women’s reproductive systems and fluctuation in this hormone could trigger headaches.”

“Women are more susceptible to fluctuations in estrogen levels during menstrual cycles as well as menopausal and pregnancywhich is why women are more likely than men to are suffering from headaches,” she added.

Fowler discusses the hormone-related headaches to a greater extent:

  • In adolescence, as estrogen is released and the duration, frequency and intensity of headaches rises.
  • In the course of the pregnancy, estrogen levels increase to aid the uterus in transferring nutrients to the infant and then levels of estrogen decrease following the birth.
  • In menopausal times, estrogen levels vary dramatically as the body is preparing to stop the ovaries from functioning.

Additionally the use of certain oral contraceptives could alter the hormone levels. Certain women have found that a constant estrogen level that is found in some oral contraceptives could decrease the frequency of headaches.

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Stress and tension-related headaches

“Tension headaches are the most frequent type of headache,” Jones explains. “The specific cause for this kind of headache is not understood however there are several factors that can trigger it. These headaches may cause feeling of tension and pain in the back neck, in the neck around the eyes, and even in the jaw.”

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In terms of preventative solutions available to tension and stress-related headaches, Jones suggests good posture exercise, as well as taking measures to decrease stress levels along with proper intake of water and a balanced diet.

As per our specialists Some of the most significant factors to be aware of in relation to stress and tension include:

  • Dehydration
  • Muscle tension
  • Eye strain and the glare
  • Too much caffeine
  • Food sensitivities to food
  • Inactivity and lack of exercise
  • The grinding of teeth during the night
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain disorders

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Primary headaches

According to the study that was published in British Journal of Pain, primary headaches are those that includes migraines as well as tension-type headaches and cluster headaches and chronic headaches. The headache you experience is classified as an “primary” one when you experience any of the following:

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  • These headaches are quite common among your family
  • It’s been going on for months or even years
  • There is no evidence of any other health issues that are a contributing factor to headaches

The headaches can be caused by the weather or food, hormonal imbalances, and the underlying sensitivities (light or sounds. ).

If you’re looking for assistance for the cause of your headaches, Fowler and Jones both agree that, even though headaches are not uncommon and generally don’t require medical treatment However, it’s a good idea to speak with your physician if you’re worried.

Typically, your doctor to perform an examination of your body and ask questions regarding the frequency of your symptoms, and evaluate your general health and lifestyle. A rising or frequent occurrence of headaches and consistent self-medication for relief from pain and an impact on your health and quality of life are but some instances when you need to consult your physician.

Then, Fowler flags, “If you’re suffering from extreme and sudden headaches, headaches accompanied by an increase in temperature, signs of vision impairment, confusion or numbness and difficulty communicating, headaches following a recent head injury or headaches that get worse with rest, or pain medications Seek medical attention immediately.”

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The widely-respected most difficult headache to manage — and uncovered through research to be the sixth most debilitating illness in the world migraine headaches are described by the Cleveland Clinic as a neurological condition that has the potential to cause chronic pain.

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When they first begin to experience symptoms, sufferers typically feel a numbing feeling of throbbing on the opposite side of the head. The sensation will get worse and amplified by the surrounding light, sound and physical movement.

Find out more about: Ten reasons you shouldn’t get enough sleep

Sinus headaches

A different type of headache is usually affected by seasonal changes, sinus headaches are those that can cause pain to the forehead, high of your forehead, the cheeks and eyes, and usually, the nose.

The primary causes for the headaches that cause this is sinus congestion and blockages due to seasonal allergies, or an infection that causes congestion in the sinuses.

What can you do to alleviate the frequency of your headaches?

In the end, headaches come in all kinds and shapes, and they can differ in severity one person to the next. If you are experiencing headaches become more frequent, beginning to interfere with your daily routine or cause discomfort or pain that’s unusual and/or difficult to manage and manage, seek advice from a medical professional who is qualified to guide you through the next steps towards getting relief and treatment.

Similar to equally important is the understanding that the root of your headaches could require some research or treatment, under the supervision by a professional in mental health.

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Tension headaches like tension headaches, for instance, are often caused by emotional and physical stress. According to Jones says, “If you’re feeling a significant amount of stress A therapist can assist you in finding ways to reduce anxiety and improve your self-care. This could include mindfulness practices that can be extremely useful.”

Learn more about: How to help a person suffering from mental illness in the words of an expert

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Video: Seated twist to relieve sciatica painfulness CNN | – – 69News WFMZ TV

Video: Seated twist to relieve sciatica painfulness  CNN | - - 69News WFMZ TV

WFMZ-TV 69 News broadcasts information as well as weather traffic, sports, and family programs in The Lehigh Valley, Berks County, Southeastern Pa., Poconos and Western NJ including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Reading, Kutztown, Emmaus, Quakertown, Stroudsburg, Philadelphia, Jim Thorpe, Doylestown, Phillipsburg, Flemington, Wilmington and Newark.

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St. Mary’s Healthcare adds the option of back pain treatment The Daily Gazette – The Daily Gazette


AMSTERDAM AMSTERDAM St. Mary’s Healthcare has introduced a new method of managing chronic back pain. The hope is that it can assist patients who haven’t found relief from other avenues.

The spinal intracept lies between the available options which is a minimally-invasive procedure that is a mix of physical therapy at the gentle end and surgical removal discs or fusions of vertebrae on the stronger end.

The issue is that not all patients will be able to respond to surgery or physical therapy according to the Dr. Joseph Popper, the orthopedic surgeon who conducted the very first spinal incision surgery at St. Mary’s on Aug. 3.

“This is a clearly defined group of patients,” he said, who suffer from a form of spinal degeneration known as modic changes. In these patients, intracept provides the possibility of pain reduction or even elimination.

The process involves threading two needles through skin and into an opening inside the bony protrusion the vertebra affected.

The needles’ tips are heated for about 15 minutes, leaving two scars of 6 millimeters along the nerve route from where pain originates.

Scar tissue isn’t able to conduct electricity it doesn’t conduct electricity. nerve impulses are electric. Therefore, if the procedure goes well it is likely that the nerve impulse isn’t able to move through the low back towards the brain and the brain won’t be aware that there’s pain in the area.

Nerve impulses that travel to and from different parts of the body are carried out through other routes.

“About three-quarters of all people should experience complete relief from pain,” Popper said. “That is usually the person who is younger, in their 30s to 40s, maybe 50s, who has an average-looking spine but has one disc issue.”

He went on to say: “10% see no benefits, and it’s difficult to figure out what the reason. It’s clear that this wasn’t the cause of pain.”

The remainder, Popper said, will experience a partial relief, which is from 25% to 75 percent reduction in discomfort.

There’s a little gray zone as to who belongs into which category, and why.

“Pain generally is incredibly complicated,” Popper said. “A number of psychosocial elements are at play but they aren’t looked at. We’re able to go by the MRI and figure out who’s likely to be a suitable person to do this.”

Many Americans have lower back discomfort, however the majority will experience relief within 4 weeks of the beginning to feel better, and do not require treatment.

The chronic suffererssuffering for six months or more require the greatest help, Popper said. The number of them is estimated to be 30 million.

Alternative treatments for conservative conditions like prescription painkillers, physical therapy and recommendations for weight loss and core-strengthening exercises are the most effective options and can be used by a quarter to three-quarters percent of people.

If you are still suffering There are more effective options like pain injections, epidurals, or muscle relaxants.

Popper has started with a process where stem cells taken from the bone marrow of the patient are injectable back into the discs in need of repair within the patient’s spine However, Popper doesn’t have any information about its efficacy.

In the most severe instances, surgery is an alternative.

“I perform the entire spectrum of spine surgery.” Popper said, “laminectomy decompression spinal Fusion.”

The results of spinal fusion are mixed with modic changes. In this case, the vertebra’s end plate vertebra begins to weaken and the adjacent disc begins leakage.

A specific receptor located in the final plate called the basivertebral nerve is the source of pain in this disease. If it is closed off by the intracept, patients will experience less pain in some weeks. Because it’s an un-sheathed nerve the nerve won’t be able to regenerate and start sending pain signals once more.

There could be a reason that causes pain in other parts of the back one day however, the surgically ablated basivertebral nerve is now completely blocked.

This could lead to a secondary issue: If there is no any pain or discomfort as a warning sign one could believe it’s okay to return to the activities that could have led to the issue in the first place.

“Obviously there’s no way to know what’s behind the nerve in the area, but” there’s a reasonfor it, Popper stated. “By taking the nerve away, you’re loosing some of the feedback.”

A man aged 44 who suffered from back discomfort since two decades was Popper’s latest intracept patient. The procedure provided relief.

“That is why he doesn’t allow him to get carried away and lift anything,” he said. “He’s very cautious about what the things he does.”

There’s not a specific trigger that causes low back pain, he explained. Traumatic impact, overexertion or family history could be contributing factors, as could the stressors in one’s own life. His patients range from mild to severe.

“I have seen some who are powerlifters, and others who are physically laborers, warehouse workers and warehouse workers, but there are also many people who are sedentary and suffer from pain,” Popper said.

More details from The Daily Gazette:

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