hile a balanced exercise regimen is likely to include a form of cardio or a form of strength-training exercise, the choices are almost limitless. While you may be able to sense whether you’re an exercise-based dancer or boxing lover, or even would you prefer Pilates over running on any given day, those preferences are linked to factors of temperament and personality and astrology is often the governing factor. Due to this connection, knowing how to exercise according to your zodiac sign can lead to a fitness regimen that is in tune with your natural way of holding and communicate energy.

Because the sun sign you have in the world of astrology (or the one you’d normally consult a horoscope about) will be the sign that’s most closely connected to your personality and your basic identity This sign, specifically, could provide clues to the kind of exercise that you’re most likely with according to astrologer, as well as professional strength and conditioning expert Claire Gallagher, author of Body Astrology.

Every sign comes with a gesture, or phrase or word that refers to the way in which the sign is likely to be moving in space.

To better understand this you can understand this, consider the concept of what Gallagher has called each sign’s gesture, a phrase or word that speaks about how the sign is likely to be moving energetically in space according to its intrinsic properties and the aspects of the body it has control. (For example, Libra’s motion move can be described as “symmetry,” while Taurus’s is “slow and steady.”) “I picked the word “gesture” intentionally for its broadness,” she says. “It’s not concerned with making assumptions that inform what a person’s body’s sensations might be however, it’s more about providing a general reference that anyone of every sign is able to follow as they’d like.”

Therefore, knowing how to train according to your zodiac signs isn’t just about identifying a particular kind of exercise, such as the yoga class specifically for Cancers and ballet to Virgos however, it’s about finding an exercise method that matches your sign’s gesture. One that is a match for the strengths of your sign’s energy but also addressing its inherent weakness. Find out the appropriate movement for your zodiac sign, as well as Gallagher’s advice on the best way to exercise according to your sign.

How do you exercise to enhance your sign’s special energy according to a motion specialist and Astrologer


Movement gesture: Peak

Exercise:Your energy tends to occur in bursts of high intensity due to your cardinal mode of operation and the fire element. The term “peak” is the highest point of your energy. This is what can be accessed in a HIIT class through sprints that are quick or any other type of exercise that will get your blood pumping.

Keep in mind that for a peak be a peak, it requires valleys to the opposite side. This implies that you need enough rest and recuperation to maintain your energy for a long time, according to Gallagher: “In order to attain your peak performance you require periods, during your workout as well as in everyday life, when you’re conscious of reducing your intensity.”


Motion gesturing:Slow and steady

Exercise:As an Earth sign with a fixed mode of exercise, you’re more tortoise-like than the hare. The slow and steady way of life tends to outweigh speed and speediness within your own eyes. This means that you’re able to enjoy anything that requires stamina naturally like long walks or running distances as well as systematic, measured modalities such as strength training or CrossFit.

Also, you’re among the more sensitive of indicators, says Gallagher that means any activity that involves the enjoyment of a pleasant environment, such as skiing or hiking will surely be a hit with you.


Movement gesture: Playful

Exercise “Fun” and “mental stimulation” will likely be high on the list of things you want to find in your workout, given the active air-signal. Like you, your workout routine must be a constant flow of excitement: “In a gym context this could mean using numerous pivoting motions such as jumping, multi-step, or other combinations that will keep your focus,” says Gallagher. “And over and above that it could mean doing completely unstructured activities such as, for instance, walking around the park together with the dog.”


Movement gesture: Intuitive

Exercise:Because Cancer energy is at its heart, the moon’s energy (that’s its planet’s ruler) is prone to fluctuate depending on the conditions around you. Also, Gallagher recommends embracing this fluidity through an intuitive exercise practice: “No matter what modality you pick to practice – whether that’s skating, swimming, or different, it’s about allowing your body to move and adapting your routine to reflect that,” she says. This could mean reducing or increasing the intensity duration, intensity, or other aspect of it dependent on the way you feel on the day.


Movement gesture: Heart-tending

What exercises to do:Because the sign of Leo governs the heart. And since since the heart plays such an essential role in the exercise and exercise, it’s no surprise your movements are “heart-tending.” Although it could be a reference to something that is cardiovascular such as running, dancing, or any other activity that has your heart moving, it could be a reference to something as the hot yoga class that amps up your body’s natural heat in a more spiritual way.

However, just as other fire signs like Aries it’s vital for you to control your natural desire for faster, sweatier or faster motions by employing the recovery counterpoint, suggests Gallagher to ensure that you’re walking the line between “just sufficient intensity” or “too extreme.”


Movement gesture: Awareness

Exercise:The realm of your ruler earth, Mercury, includes the nervous system, which includes two parasympathetic (rest and digest) and sympathetic (fight or fight or flight) states. This is why exercises that help you regulate the nervous system gain the body’s awareness and discover an alignment with your structure (in in line with your methodical nature) are the ones that you’ll feel comfortable with, according to Gallagher. Exercises like yoga and Pilates or calisthenics will likely be a good fit however, in general Gallagher advises “going back to the basics and paying attention to the present moment within the body.”


Movement gesture: Symmetry

Exercise:As an equinox sign–your season is during the fall equinox, when the duration of light and darkness are the same–you’ll likely enjoy balance in your exercise routine. Similar to Aries it could be placing high-intensity workouts in conjunction with slow, restorative exercises or, even more literal making sure to stretch and strengthen the paired muscle groups that are in balance in relation to each other, suggests Gallagher.

A word to note: “Given your sign is controlled by Venus it is possible that you get lost in the more superficial Venusian issues, such as looks,” says Gallagher. “So it’s essential to acknowledge that maybe your appearance is important to you, which is fine without having the feeling of needing to conform your actions to the norms of society of looking good.'”


Movement gesture: Power

Exercise:Ruled by intense and fierce Mars you could be a formidable factor to be reckoned with in the gym, whenever you’d like to be. It’s vital to understand your gesture to show “power” from an “non-fitness-culture or pain-as-gain view,” says Gallagher. Powerlifting, HIIT or CrossFit might be a vital element of your fitness however, it’s not just about sweating or puffing and puffing. she adds: “What this sign really thrives off is transformation that you will see in the absence of these high-intensity workouts as well.”


Movement gesture: Locomotion

Exercise:You’re as explorative as you can get, Sagittarius. The mutable sign energy you have translates to a similarly mobile motion: locomotion. “This is about being willing to explore movement in a different way or break from the norm of exercise having to appear like a certain exercise program,” says Gallagher. “Allow yourself to develop an appetite for movement that fluctuates and allow for spontaneous movements, as well.” Particularly, as Sagittarius is the ruler of your lower extremities, it is possible to be able to easily walk or run. It’s fine however, don’t forget to try different areas of motion, suggests Gallagher such as the diagonal lunge, pivotal and side-to-side moves.


Movement gesture: Longevity

What exercises to do:You love crossing things off a list because of Saturn’s taskmaster influence as the planet you rule. However, the repetitive nature of the traditional workout program can be detrimental to your health, and the variety of your movements can actually help keep your joints and bones (Capricorn-ruled organs) in good condition over the long term.

This could mean taking flexibility or stretch breaks during the day or taking shorter walks in order to keep your blood flowing instead of restricting your exercise to just a few hours each day of routine exercise.


Motion gesture:Pressure/release

How to practice:Your dual rulership by the structure-oriented Saturn and the nimble Uranus is the reason for this motion gesture known as “pressure/release.” This represents the tension inherent between these planets in opposition and how to get past it, says Gallagher. In terms of exercise, it may mean you like moving plyometrically (which is a form of training for jumping with fast intervals) or, for activities that require you to move quickly, such as dancing or basketball, she declares: “The idea is to make use of these types of ballistic or explosive movements to relieve pressure and get your body moving and circulating energy.”


Movement gesture: Fluidity

Exercise:As a mutable water sign, you can enjoy an effortless, relaxed style that is a perfect match to the smooth connected movements that are typical in Tai Chi or ballet. “Pisces generally derives a great deal of meaning from relaxed and even hypnotic movement,” says Gallagher. Since your sign is ruled by your feet, balance can be one of your strengths (making your potential to do water sports or surfing) In an a literal perspective feet-based activities, like tap dancing or soccer, will definitely find a place within your workout routine according to Gallagher.

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