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Large drainage and road projects create traffic headaches in the Lake Area – KPLC

Large drainage and road projects create traffic headaches in the Lake Area - KPLC

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) We all desire excellent roads and drainage, however, the process of building can be a challenge to manage while in the road.

A few people have been up early, but clearly not at the appropriate time. The frustration is evident for those trying to travel to the north of Lake Charles.

Many complain about bad traffic because of road closures caused by closures due to the West Prien Lake Road and Weaver Road projects. The intersection between West Sale and Prien Lake Road is expected to remain closed until the end of December, weather permitting.

Resident Elisa Guillory is already up early, but she says it’s so hard to travel north.

“To shut down two important north-south roads isn’t the best solution,” she said.

Signs are intended to prevent people from taking Locke Lane as a shortcut however Guillory claimed that people were driving in the direction of the signage, and they have since been removed. Lake Charles Police were trying to stop speeders on Locke Lane, where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

Guillory stated that her primary worry is safety.

“People are late, and they’re unhappy. Sometimes, they speed up in an attempt get ahead, and this can be risky,” she said. “I’ve seen drivers driving in the middle or the roadway. In addition, they’re driving the wrong way into traffic and scooting around the traffic, which isn’t safe for children.”

Guillory is also of the opinion that greater public awareness would have been beneficial.

“Wish they’d had prepared us, so that people were aware they’d have to wake up earlier than usual and plan their routes. How will they arrive at their destination safely,” said Guillory.

The City and Calcasieu Police Jury are working on a collaborative project to broaden West Prien Lake Road, starting from Cove Lane to Ihles Road and to improve drainage and sewage drainage, and also add a sidewalk on one side, and an bike path to the opposite.

It is working on improving Weaver Road drainage and add sidewalks. The northbound lane on Weaver is shut which is causing traffic problems there. City officials are working together with the project experts and the contractors in order to modify the road closures currently in place, that are expected to provide residents relief.

Lake Charles Police Chief Shawn Caldwell encourages motorists to prepare for delays, particularly in the peak hours. He said they’re checking for unsafe driving practices and responding with warnings and tickets. Today, police issued nine warnings in writing and one ticket for speeding.

Below are some comments from the director of public works for the city and chief of police.

Stacy Dowden, City of Lake Charles Director of Public Works:

“The city is working closely with contractors and project engineers to modify the current plan for closure of roads. We’re also in touch with LA-DOTD who monitors the flow of traffic on state highways within the region. These data will aid in making changes regarding the frequency of the traffic signal at major intersections. We can understand the frustration of the public and we believe we can modify the timing of traffic signals and offer an amount of relief .”

Police Chief Shawn Caldwell, Lake Charles Police Department:

“Motorists who have to travel in the area are advised to leave an extra hour for their commute particularly when travel times are at their peak. LCPD is monitoring the roads for unsafe driving behaviors including speeding, and is addressing these issues via warnings and the issue of citations. .”

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