My continual headaches proved to be the sign of a dangerous brain tumour. Daily Mail

I ignored my frequent headaches throughout five years, but they were the sign of a dangerous brain cancer

A woman who resisted her “incessant” headaches throughout her life was stunned to discover that they were caused by an insidious and fatal brain tumor.

Jade McMaster, 32, Jade McMaster, 32, suffered headaches that would appear from nowhere however, it was able to be treated by using paracetamol.

The personal assistant of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Glasgow was taken to hospital in the month of October after collapsing at the petrol station.

The patient was transported to a hospital where a doctor found a rare brain tumor. They carried out a 10-hour surgery to eliminate as much of it as is possible.

But it came back in 2021, requiring Ms. McMaster to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy in order to eliminate the cancer.

A scan in the beginning of 2023 proved that the tumor is in a “manageable” level and Ms McMaster is now encouraging others to not ignore their health issues.

Jade McMaster ignored her ‘constant’ headaches for five years and was eventually diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma of grade 2 brain tumour in 2017.

In an emergency operation, 85 percent of her tumor was removed after she collapsed and experienced seizures in an oil station in Scotland in October, 2017.

Ms McMaster told me”The headaches were completely from nowhere and I didn’t even think about it.

“Just take a few paracetamols, and you’ll think you’re okay.’

After collapsing at a petrol station in the month of October she was transported in an ambulance Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

Ms McMaster stated she was cold and I couldn’t think of anything.

I woke up battered, confounded and bruised in a hospital, surrounded by my dear family members.

What are the oligodendrogliomas?

Oligodendrogliomas is a rare kind of brain tumour that originates from glial cells known as oligodendrocytes.

These cells create an thick and white material (myelin) which covers the nerves. This allows impulses to travel through nerves faster.

Common symptoms are headaches as well as seizures.

The type of tumor that is more prevalent for adults than children, and only affects approximately 3 out of 100 brain tumors that are diagnosed.

Oligodendrogliomas tend to be found in the frontal part in the cerebrum. They can also develop within the spinal cord, however this is uncommon.

Source Cancer Research and Brain Tumour Research


“Somehow, they used my phone to contact my emergency contacts. They were my parents Jackie and Robert who later dropped everything and went in to hospital.’

She had a range of scans throughout her two-day hospitalization.

Tests revealed that she suffered from secondary epilepsy which is a form of epilepsy that is caused by an underlying condition in the brain.

Additional tests showed she had a brain tumor in the left temporal lobe of her brain, that doctors identified as an oligodendroglioma of grade 2.

Oligodendroglioma brain tumors can be benign or cancerous. They account for three out of every 100 brain tumors by Cancer Research UK.

About 500 people in UK along with 1,200 across the US are diagnosed each year with oligodendroglioma.

The growth of grade two tumors in oligodendroglioma grows extremely slow.

Common symptoms include headaches, feeling or being sick and seizures.

If the problem is significant the surgery is carried out to eliminate as much as is possible.

Ms McMaster said that she didn’t think I would be told that I had a tumor in my brain. It was a bit confusing.

“Not knowing the reason was the toughest. There was no reason for the cancer.

“I had a very happy and healthy lifestyle for anyone of my age.

“I’m not the only family members suffering from brain tumors which is why it came as an absolute shock to everyone.’

On December 17, 2017, medical staff took her to an operation that lasted 10 hours to remove the tumor.

However, only 85% of the tumor can be eliminated due to its position in the temporal lobewhich is a part of the brain that is crucial for memory, language and facial recognition.

In spite of 10 hours of life-saving procedure and four years frequent checks, her worst fears was realized in 2021 when the mass began to return

Jade She is a personal assistant for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow was treated for three sessions of radiation therapy as well as 12 chemotherapy sessions. The tumor is now able to be controlled.

In the end, Ms. McMaster was instructed to visit regularly for check-ups, also known as”watch and wait” method.

She stated that she was awake during the procedure which allowed them to track the areas where my speech was impaired if they had to remove excessive.

“I’m happy to have my voice however I’m sure that people would be happier if did not speak as much.’

Ms McMaster stated that she has been helped by her husband Thomas Owens, 32, an apprentice floor-layer in addition to her employer The Royal Bank of Scotland.

She stated that she didn’t believe it had any impact on my career.

I was absent for six months, but was back to work right away in 2018 and never experienced any issues. I’ve been well-supported from the beginning.

“It strengthened my friendships and made me realize who my real closest friends were even during the most difficult moments.’

However, in June 2021 doctors informed her that the tumor returned, and she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The tumor is now at an acceptable level, and she is treating her epilepsy with medication that stops seizures.

She added: “It’s an unending cycle. I was aware of it happening despite it being slow to grow yet it’s an annoyance.’

After 33 radiotherapy sessions and 12 chemotherapy sessions She completed her final treatment program in the month of November 2022.

Ms McMaster stated: ‘I was exhausted, and I was losing my hair. But it was something I had expected.

The staff was helpful and tolerant, they only offered me what was manageable.

“I didn’t want just to sit at home be in bed all day, crying. I didn’t want that to hinder me from living my life. I could not.’

Scans taken in February 2023 indicated that the tumor was in a manageable stage.

She has now been having regular check-ups and scans to track the tumor.

She added: ‘I’d prefer to fight for it and gain more joy and happiness in my life, rather than just lying down and feeling guilty about myself.

If you’re confident all things work well. There’s always light at end of the tunnel.’

Ms. McMaster is now urging anyone who has even the slightest sign of discomfort and unexpected headaches to seek professional assistance.

She stated: ‘It shouldn’t be here at this point If the seizure had occurred five minutes earlier while I was driving then I wouldn’t be telling you about this tale.

If you’re experiencing headaches all the time visit your doctor and request scans.

“Be determined, take on the fight to save your life.’