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A Scots woman believed that she was being plagued by headaches for months prior to the time her diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Georgie Frost, 24, from Trinity had been suffering with what believed were pressure headaches however, she awoke up with intense pain, and her mother was able to take her to hospital in May 2022, as reported by Edinburgh Live.

After the tests, she was shocked by the news that she was suffering from an abnormal brain tumour.

“My close friends and family were fantastic. I’m confident that without them, I may not have been able to get back on track and even from a mental health standpoint. They were all great in reiterating positive aspects and encouraging.”

The moment is now Georgie and her friends are planning to climb Ben Lomond for the Brain Tumour Charity and also set up an Go Fund Me.

She continued: “That’s why I want to bring everyone together to discuss this. It was a devastating experience for all of us. It wasn’t a me experience It was an ‘everyone experience. There were a lot of participants. The strength of your network is vital and is the only thing that will aid you in overcoming it.”

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“I am so grateful that it was the smallest grade cancer and the least harmful the possibility of it being. However, not everyone is so lucky and there’s a lot of research that needs to be conducted. This is why this increase is important. The charity is leading the way in brain tumour research and I’m hoping to assist doctors and people understand more.

“The principal reason why I achieved the positive outcome I did was due to research. I would not have had an effective recovery or surgery without it. Every grant they offer to researchers are so crucial.”

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