If you suffer from tension headaches the most effective course of treatment is taking an over-the counter pain reliever like Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) and Naproxen sodium (Aleve). Be cautious not to create routine, however, since these medicines aren’t meant for continuous, regular use. Furthermore to ginger tea, peppermint oil are both natural solutions to treat headaches.

If you’re prone headaches, there are a few lifestyle changes you can implement to avoid tension headaches. The prevention of triggers will be your first move. Other than stress, the most the most common triggers are sleepiness and eye strain in the words of Cleveland Clinic. If you’re working on your computer for long periods throughout the day, take brief breaks from the screen multiple times during the day.

As with everything else it is important to be in moderation and balancing everything in your life, including eating, moving and sleeping , is among the most beneficial ways to live your life. Simple things such as cutting down on certain foods can alleviate headaches. Consuming healthy food and snacks in a timely manner and staying hydrated, performing at least one type of activity each day and getting a good night’s sleep is recommended to help with tension headaches. Yoga, meditation and massage therapy may aid in keeping headaches at bay. Cleveland Clinic noted.

While it can be a source of frustration however, they’re not usually associated with grave health implications. It is important to speak with your physician if the pain persists.

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