After getting tech neck, you may want to change the way you view phones.

After getting tech neck, you may want to change the way you view phones 01:32

You’ve probably heard of “techneck” – the aches we get when we look down at our phones so much.

How much additional pressure, i.e. How much pressure do we put on our necks when we spend a large part of the day looking at our phones?

We slouch, hurt, and ache because we do this so often throughout the day.

This leads to our posture being a serious problem.

There’s a good reason why doctors are seeing a rise in patients with neck pain.

According to Dr. Ken Hasrajh of the spinal specialist, who worked with engineers in order to determine a weight for putting long-term pressure on a person’s neck, a human head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds when it is in a neutral posture. His results show that pressure increases to 27 pounds when the head is tilted just 15 degrees.

When the head is tilted 60 degrees, as is the case for most people who text, the weight of the next message increases to 60 pounds.

“My message to you is to keep your head high.” Always be aware of where your head is located in space.

You can ease tech neck by doing a few exercises. These include rolling your shoulders forward and backward, doing chin-tucks while looking down, and then up, and performing neck releases while looking to the left, center, and right.