Amazon shoppers say these cooling pads compete with those found in luxury hotels

HIMOON bed pillows for sleeping 2-pack

To all hot sleepers: If you have already invested in breathable pajamas, sweat-wicking sheets and a temperature-regulating mattress topper, cooling pillows are the last thing on your checklist. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further for the best option: Amazon shoppers have already discovered the HiMoon Cooling Bed Pillows.

Both pillows have a skin-friendly cover made of 100 percent microfiber, which is filled with a down-like microfiber-polyester material. The pillows have a padded, high-loft feel and support your neck in a variety of sleeping positions, be it stomach, side or back. They are able to absorb excess sweat during the night, while remaining dry and odorless and even more attractive, they do not lose their original shape or feel with continued use.

While standard, queen, and king sizes are available, buyers can currently save a pack of two queen pillows for 24 percent, bringing the price down to just $ 25.

HIMOON bed pillows for sleeping 2-pack

HIMOON bed pillows for sleeping 2-pack

Buy: $ 25 (was $ 33);

According to reviewers, the pillows “exceeded expectations” and are worth every penny as they keep your head in “perfect comfort” all night. Many claim that after sleeping with the “supportive clouds” they no longer have headaches, shoulder pain or a stiff neck and even “miss them at home” when they stay in luxury hotels.

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“Amazed after the first night,” wrote one buyer. “I sleep on my stomach and have spent hundreds of dollars on pillows over the years. I read all of the reviews and thought for the price I would try them. Very happy I did! I woke up with no neck pain and…” I felt rested. And don’t turn the pillow anymore, this pillow stays cool all night! “

“I haven’t even got out of bed yet. My head is still resting on that pillow and I knew I had to write a review, ”shared another. “They are soft but supportive and great for someone like me who not only can sleep in one spot but has to move and sleep in every position imaginable in one night. I have serious shoulder and neck problems that I see chiropractors, so I really needed a good pillow. I’m so glad I gave this one a chance. “

Stop rolling back and forth by adding the HiMoon Cooling Bed Pillows to your sleeping space – there’s no telling how long they’ll drop to $ 25 on Amazon.