Q. Most of the time, I feel intense pain in my ankles and feet. Recently, I was also experiencing the pain on my right wrist. According to my doctor, that the cause of pain is nerve endings.

I saw an advertisement on television for Nervive on TV. When I searched for it I realized that it’s not a prescribed drug, however it appears to be an herbal cure. Are there any home remedies to relieve this pain that comes from nerve endings?

A. You appear to be discussing what doctors call neuropathy. The prescription drug Nervive Nerve Relief contains B vitamins (thiamine, Cyocobalamin and pyridoxine). It also contains the dietary supplement , alpha lipoic acid, as well as extracts of ginger and turmeric.

We looked for clinical trial information regarding this formulation however, we could not find any double-blind placebo-controlled studies randomized to placebo. The manufacturer has this statement on their site: “These statements have not been reviewed from authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not designed to treat, diagnose or prevent any form of illness.”

A review that was conducted on alpha-lipoic acids (ALA) discovered that this antioxidant could help with neuropathy caused by diabetes (Pharmacological Research March 20, 2022). B vitamins, such as the ones in this product have been proven to be effective in the treatment of lower back pain (Semergen November to December 2021). We would love to see a controlled clinical trial of this treatment. Let us know how it has worked for you.

Q. There’s a valid reason why that people are drawn to NSAIDs. For chronic neck pain I used ibuprofen on a regular basis for more than 25 years due to the fact that it helped ease my discomfort. After getting diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (an bleeding large intestine that has been ulcerated) I was able to conclude that ibuprofen was probably not a good idea for me.

I have tried every natural remedy to treat pain I could find information about. A few years on, I found one that contains curcumin boswellia, and turmeric essential oil in a formulation that enhances absorption. After using it every day over the course of a few months I stopped suffering from neck discomfort. I take this supplement on a daily basis I’ve not required ibuprofen in five years.

A. We are thrilled that you’re experiencing relief. It is important to be aware that curcumin (a ingredient in turmeric) can increase the risk of bleeding.

Boswellia, also referred to as Indian Frankincense, is an anti-inflammatory herb. It is, however, able to cause heartburn.

For more information on what are the pros of and cons of these solutions You may want to look up Graedons”Guide for Alternatives in Arthritis. This 104-page paperback booklet can be found in the store at www.PeoplesPharmacy.com. The booklet also provides information on different natural methods to ease joint pain and inflammation.

Q. I really appreciate your writing about remedies for home use. When I suffered from diarrhea as a child My mother would cut an apple. If it became brown, she would feed me a couple of spoons. Additionally, I’d eat bread and rice plain for a few days as an alternative to my usual meals. It was the pectin from the apple which eased diarrhea.

A. Thank you for recollecting this. It’s very like the BRAT diet, which is suggested by some pediatricians for children who have digestive problems. It is a reference to bananas, toast, applesauce, rice and toast. Apples and bananas are excellent sources of pectin that can help with diarrhea. Toast and rice are thought to be easy to digest.

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