Do neck and face skins age more quickly? What do experts say? The New York Times

Q What makes my neck appear to be growing twice as fast my other parts and what can I do change?

The skin on your neck tends to age “faster than nearly any other on your skin,” according to doctor. Theodora Mauro, who is a dermatologist professor in the University of California, San Francisco. The neck’s skin is “particularly susceptible” to injury, she added Poor posture, inadequate skincare care sunlight exposure, and the natural deterioration and weakening of neck muscles can result in accelerated aging.

The neck’s skin may not heal as well as other areas of the body, because the skin on your neck is less robust and contains fewer stem cells, as well as other structures that aid in the repair of it, according to the doctor Dr. Katie Given, a board-certified dermatologist from the Bay Area who has written about the effects of aging skin on the neck and face. In terms of slowing the aging process in the neck, she says, “the trick is prevention and the prevention.”

“Sun is the enemy of your neck,” Dr. Mauro declared. A lot of signs of aging in the neck area can be identified back to exposure to sunlight. If your skin is exposed even a tiny amount of sunlight, she explained that ultraviolet A radiation get to the dermis, the skin’s inner layer and harm the cells responsible for the production of collagen as well as elastin.

Elastin and collagen is a pair of proteins crucial to keep your skin’s structure in good shape, according to the Dr. Oma Agbai, an associate dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at UC Davis Medical Center. “Collagen helps maintain the its firmness in the skin and elastin aids in returning it to its original form after it’s extended,” she said. Dermis, the part that contains the proteins “tends to be thinner around the neck as compared to other areas of the body including the face and armpits,” said Dr. Xu.

Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause “more wrinkled and crepey” appearance as well as sunspots and skin discoloration Agbai said. Agbai said.

Many people don’t think to apply sunblock on the neck as Doctor. Mauro said, but protecting your neck is as crucial as protecting your entire body. She advised applying a moisturizing sunscreen that has SPF of at minimum 30 daily; apply generously over the neck area, she advised when you’re out you should apply the sunscreen regularly during the course of your day.

People are known to lavish attention and love on their face and their faces, the dermatologist Dr. Agbai said, regularly applying moisturizers, serums, and more. Necks however do not receive much attention. It’s time to include this area into our routines for skin care, she suggested, applying the products all the way to our necks.

As we age the skin loses some of its ability to hold moisture according to the dermatologist Dr. Mauro said. The skin around our necks gets dull, dry as well as less smooth. Make sure to use a moisturizer every morning and the night, she suggested beware of alcohol-based products to treat your neck because they can dry out your skin more. A lot of soaps contain ingredients known as surfactants, which can dry out and dry out the skin added and soaps such as Ivory bar soap are made with alkaline ingredients like sodium tallowate. They can alter the pH levels and the moisture barrier. If a soap leaves your skin feeling and looking dry, that could be a signal to try something else.

For a firmer, more youthful-looking skin to improve firmness, you can consult Dr. Consider trying an oil or serum containing the retinoids that can to boost collagen production through regular usage.

Another reason for the appearance of a neck that is older could be “tech neck” that is, the tendencies to slump and gaze down when using a computer or other mobile device according to said Dr. Agbai said. As well as stressing your neck and causing strain the posture also clogs the skin and if you sit in that way for hours and hours, you’ll create horizontal lines across your neck and beneath the chin area, she added.

To avoid neck lines becoming visible (or growing deeper) make sure you position your phone and computer so that you’re not bent or straining your neck for long durations of time according to the doctor. Mauro said. She also pointed out the fact that altering your position will not make any difference to the appearance of existing lines.

Apart from following the recommended guidelines above, it’s essential to not smoke, as it can damage skin and can affect your health in general Dr. Mauro said.

If you’re seeking to combat the signs of aging on your neck, consult an experienced board-certified dermatologist or another specialist about the options available Dr. Given stated. Certain cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or fillers may help improve the appearance of your skin by tightening or plumping it which gives it a younger appearance. The more intense procedures with longer healing times, such as microneedling or laser treatments that are performed by radiofrequency ablation (which targets the skin using specific wavelengths that stimulate collagen production) may help to combat wrinkles, skin discoloration, wrinkles, and texture. However, these treatments are costly and are more cosmetic than medically necessary and usually need to be repeated regularly to maintain the results, Dr. Given explained.

In the final day, she stated that the neck’s aging is a part of aging. Period.