Kareena Kapoor Khan's Yoga teacher offers simple stretching exercises to ease neck pain. Indian Express

Poor posture when reading, working or walking and even using the phone can result in neck and back discomfort. While improving posture is crucial however, there are easy stretches, performed regularly, will alleviate.

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Why is stretching important?

A regular stress on the neck could lead to long-term neck pain in the near future, according to experts. It is therefore crucial to keep the neck healthy and flexible by doing every day stretching routines that ease any strain caused by tensed muscles that are tight.

So, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s fitness trainer, Rupal Sidhpura Faria, took to Instagram to show stretches which can aid.

“Here are some exercises to strengthen your neck, and relieving yourself of the discomfort caused by the work environment or spondylitis. It’s not the weak neck disc prolapse or nerve pressure,” said Faria in an Instagram post.

Gomukhasana stretch single hand as well as two hands

According to Faria Gomukhasana, stretches like Gomukhasana can increase the length of the spine and loosen tight shoulder muscles. This, ultimately, ease neck strain.

Tricep stretch and trap stretch

It is regarded as an ideal exercise for opening muscles in the neck as well as back muscles of the body.

Head to hand and vice versa push is a strength-and-resistance exercise. Keep it for 20 seconds and repeat three times per.

The stretches listed here can be performed while lying on the couch several times throughout the daytime. These exercises help people get more energy and improve the focus of their muscles.

Make sure that you keep your movements slow and steady to get better results.

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